Hillary Clinton Pulls The Race Card

The “race card” is a sure sign that somebody is out of valid arguments… and the latest desperate politician to play that blame game is none other than Hillary Clinton.

During a frankly pathetic interview on CBS over the weekend, Hillary doubled down on her list of excuses for her election loss, and shockingly stood by her now famous “deplorables” comment.

“[Trump] was quite successful in referencing the nostalgia that would give hope, comfort, settle grievances, for millions of people who were upset about gains that were made by others,” Clinton whined to host Jane Pauley.

Yes, in Hillary’s mind, giving hope to millions of people is a bad thing.

“What you’re saying is millions of white people,” Pauley prompted, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

“Millions of white people,” Clinton agreed. “Yeah, millions of white people.”


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source: https://conservativetribune.com/hillary-millions-white-people/


  1. I guess Hillary will never stop being Hillary. She will never admit to her lies and deception which she has made a career out of.

    • Rick this is what I have proposed to people on the internet. We the people, the real government in this country need form the Militia called for in the Constitution. The peoples army that is supposed to stand against all enemies foreign and domestic and defend the soil we stand on, our rights and freedoms. In order to that we are entitled to own and bear any weapon because we need to have as good of weapons as any military invading force or domestic enemy. We need Constitutional Carry. As a member of this militia no one, even the SCOTUS can argue against it and limit your gun rights. It can be a loose organized militia so it does not require a lot of training like the military but if needed can fight side by side with our military on our soil. And it would not put much of a burden on the members lives if they have to work and support their families. We have to stop the anarchy flooding our streets. We have to show the people in elected and appointed offices we mean business, we are tired of being robbed (taxes) and that money being wasted and used to destroy the Constitution and our way of life. What these people are doing in Washington District of Criminals and state legishlatures is criminal. We as citizens have to do this because the Injustice Department that they control will do nothing, no arrests, no trials, no convictions, Just the lose of our rights is what consumes them and becoming very wealthy. There are almost 300 millionaires out of 533 members in Congress, so who gets the favorable laws that these people pass, the US citizens and worker of the large corporations that fund their campaigns and make them wealthy with money paid to them buy loobyists to but their vote. This militia can investigate these people, do not let them investigate themselves. Most all of these people will be in prison for being traitors or corrupt.

      • I’m sick and tired of all these laws to disarm us in perpetuity. Your wife claims you abused her to get a better divorce settlement? You’re a wife abuser, and you’re banned from owning guns. Got caught with some Pot on you in Las Vegas 20 years ago, That got you a Felony conviction, and you’re barred for LIFE from owning guns. On and on. I think if you’ve been in no trouble for 5 years and have paid the fine or whatever they gave you, ALL your Constitutional rights should be restored! Only exception would be mental patients, but thanks to medical privacy laws, you don’t get to know their mentall history. Enough! The 2nd Amendment means what it says. And since the government is creating an ever more dangerous country, we demand the ability to defend ourselves, and our families!!

      • I hear you and agree with a lot you’ve said…..DC and the libs have destroyed everything that mattered to a lot of people and they continue to spread poison to everyone they can…..CONTRARY TO THEIR OPINIONS —— WE OWE THEM NOTHING……THEY MUST FIND THEY’RE PLACE IN THE WORLD…..

  2. It must be nice to be such a perfect human being that you never have to confront your own shortcomings. It’s always outside events that cause your failures, and, being so brilliant, you can immediately identify those events. If only we’d known how perfect she was, we’d all be in a much better place today… BULLSHIT!!!

  3. Hillary reminds me of a drowning person who ill grasp at anything if they think it will help them stay afloat? Now it’s white people who stopped her? No, Hillary, it’s EVERYONE who could clearly see through your game of tossing out disconnected thoughts, hoping some of them would stick. You had NO plan for America, other than that you told us you were going to flood us with illegal aliens, import thousands of Muslims, and give a flying f–k about the safety of our country. THAT is what locked you out of the White House. No matter how Saul Alinsky taught you otherwise, you CAN’T LIE your way into the Presidency. Your biggest mistake was thinking that 51% of us were stupid. We;re not, as you found out on election day. Now, go away and take Saul Alinsky with you.

  4. Whites are ‘deplorables’. No longer ‘honkies’ or ‘whitebread’. She called Donna Brazile a ‘brain dead buffalo’. She calls everyone names. So I call her, ‘the Benghazi 8!tch.’ If you can name her greatest accomplishment as Secretary of State, you’ll realize who the brain dead buffalo really is.
    I’d say the creation of ISIS and the Syrian Migration. What an accomplishment.

  5. Ah yes the Vile Creature opens it,s despicable mouth again and spouts forth more garbage about other humans that don’t agree with her. They came from all walks of life they were more or less pulled together from different Ethnic Groups to Defy her what she believed was her BIRTHRIGHT. They were Born and Raised in this country to believe all men are equal under God and the Constitution. She lost her way many years ago when she decide to Crawl under Ted Kennedy’s Desk in his Congressional office after hours and Render him LIP SERVICE. Her list of atrocity’s are long and the peoples memories are just as long. From Getting Drunk and Bragging on film about how she got the rapist of 12 yr.old off by getting all the Evidence against him Thrown out/Crooked Cattle deals/ White Water and quit a few more right up to the Present day and still perpetuating more Criminal acts as I write this. FOLK’S She has no shame no empathy and no plans of ever changing her pathetic ways. One last thought every one should be very thankful she was REJECTED.


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