Trump Win Shocked Big Tech

Writer at The Guardian, Julia Carrie Wong, notes that the tech industry has taken some introspection at their effect on the world:

Tech’s nascent moment of reckoning is welcome – if somewhat belated. Victor Frankenstein recognized that his creation was a “miserable monster” on the very same “dreary night of November” that he created it. It appears to have taken a full decade and a different dreary November night to awaken the new class of tech agonistes to the horror of their inventions.

The election of Donald Trump was “a big slap in the face” for people at Facebook, said Antonio Garcia-Martinez, a former Facebook product manager. To most Facebook employees, Garcia-Martinez said, “Trump is the incarnation of Satan. The fact that they helped Satan get elected does dog a lot of people.”


  1. Thank God Hillary lost and President Trump won. Otherwise, the corrupt lowlifes of the tech industry and the globalists would be running things right now.

  2. It shouldn’t have been a shock Trump was telling the average American the truth about the politicians, they should have been expecting exactly what happened but they were so stuck on hillary winning they refused to see the handwriting on the wall, Americans were tired of paying for illegals and wanted them out of the country, they were tired of the muslims invading this country with their sharia law trying to overthrow our constitution in fact all muslims that refuse to obey our rules and stick to their sharia laws need to be deported back to where they came from and then there would be no problem with them living with their laws, if hillary had won she had plans to bring another million of muslims in the first four years she was in office, she so stated in a campaign speech she made


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