Conservatives ‘Extremely Concerned’ With Trump’s Decision

Laura Ingraham, the up and coming conservative radio host has been stressing that President Trump should not accept a deal with the Republican establishment and Democrats.

Ingraham stated:

I don’t want to use the word ‘betrayal’ yet, because we haven’t reached the end of the line here and I don’t think that would be the right thing to do. But I think it’s really important for the president to hear from all of us. We want the best for him. The other people just want what they want from him. We want the best for him and this presidency and this nation. And it’s about the country, and what’s good for the nation and the American worker.

I’m gonna reserve judgment on the final product here, but I am extremely concerned when I see the president getting lavish praise from Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and the likes of the Chamber of Commerce.


  1. I like Ingraham, but her buttons are pushed to easily. The fact is Trump is miles ahead of his opponents in the mental capacity arena. Yes he gave the liberals enough rope to hang themselves and made Trump look like a genius as a result. Ingraham needs to calm down and trust our President more.

        • if he is theirs a hole lot more brainwashed than just him thats why we voted trump in to try to fix what you dem idiots has tryed to destroy and so far he’s don’t a great job and he’ll keep doing it till he’s no longer president in 7 years …then you may have a shot at it again but i dought it

          • 7 years or 7 months?…
            And by the way, is “doubt” not “dought”… But never mind, don’t try fix stupid…

          • i don’t thats why i don’t write snowflakes or idiots back but thanks for letting me no about the type-o but you got the message and i was right the first time 7 years weather you like it or not not much you can do about it

          • And hole/whole, threw/through, to,two, too. Lotsa these folks wouldn’t have passed my high school english & spelling classes. Lol

          • Sad, is’nt it? And I have to confess English is not my native language… Actually is the third I learned ( out of 6 so far), and I read it and speak it better than half of “proudly natives” posting on this site!
            That was a secret by the way, and no, I’m not a “stable genius” , or any genius at all! Just somebody with common sense…

          • Then you’d better get an American history lesson. People who are not native to our Country that live here, are the reasons why TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS are in the fight of their/our lives to keep this Country from going down the toilet…they don’t understand what it means to truly be American. You come here thinking this Country owes you something. NOT. People/ immigrants of yesteryear worked hard to make something of themselves and they had America truly in their hearts. Then they took a citizenship test, because they wanted to become officially American. They learned the language and assimilated very well. Illegals of today, they come here and many want something for nothing, and they live off our welfare system. President Trump is right, time for a merit system to be put in place, where the immigrants who come to this Country, must have something to offer America. God bless that man. He’s definitely a Godsend. Soon, people who are here illegally, will regret it. Deportations by the thousands are happening as we speak. The disfunctional Demwit party is imploding on itself. The more they open their mouths, the more WE THE PEOPLE don’t listen. Enough is enough. If these rejects from other countries don’t like our American way of life, and our laws, then go the heck home.

      • Good post Gloria too bad like a balloon it was over his head ;<)
        You know you can always spot a lib by the insults they spew when lacking facts. Just ignore them, nothing you can say will sway them at all.

    • NO DACA, period!! YOU are opening doors for ILLEGALS to gain citizenship over those who’ve spent YEARS waiting in line and paying THEIR money to gain citizenship!

  2. As I recall, what Trump said was words to the effect of, ” I won’t sign DACA unless Congress agrees to fund the wall”.
    Which is, mistakenly, just another way of saying, “If you give the money to build the wall, I WILL sign DACA”.
    Unfortunately, this isn’t the first campaign promise that got Trump elected that he later did a 180 degree reversal on.
    Remember when during his campaign Trump said he was going to bring back law and order to our country. So one of the first things he did after being elected was to announce that he wasn’t going to pursue criminal charges against Hillary R. Clinton because he claimed that, “She’s been through so much already”.
    And then there was Trump’s claim that he was going to put a stop to our country fighting all these extremely costly, pointless, and endless wars in foreign countries and bring all of our troops back home. But after being elected, Trump said he was going to bring a small, unspecified percentage of our troops home at some unspecified date sometime in the future. Next, he announced that, instead of bringing any of our troops home, he was going to send an ADDITIONAL FORTY THOUSAND of them to Afghanistan, a country that is 99.8% Muslim, that hates us, wants to destroy our country, wants nothingto do with democracy (only wants sharia and Islam), and sees our “assistance” as an unwanted military occupation.
    Diehard Trump supporters should be asking themselves if a president who can’t be
    trusted to keep his word to those who elected him is the kind of person who is really going to Make America Great Again.

      • NO, he’s backed off on the Iran nuclear deal–he’s stopped enforcement of more sanctions put on Iran by Congress and now he’s promoting ‘DACA’ if he gets the wall dollars. ILLEGALS/legal ALIENS COST ESTIMATED $135 BILLION PER YEAR FOR TAXPAYERS, IF it costs $50 BILLION for the wall–America is STILL $85 BILLION AHEAD on behalf of taxpayers! NO DACA, NO MORE!!

        • I agree. But he listened to Mattis, and for now he left the Iran deal alone. Doesn’t mean he won’t do something with it down the road..and he put stipulations in place. If they do anything to jeopardize it, he’s done. He also said he still feels it’s the worst deal ever. I truly believe, President Trump’s got something else in mind, but he’s not saying anything for now.’s the art of the deal when it comes to DACA. He won’t buckle on DACA. I really believe it was an act to show the world he’s trying to deal with the DemWits..that’s all. He wants nothing to do with it. He does want his wall, however. He’ll get it one way or the other, but not at America’s expense. Be patient. Can’t do everything in one day. He’s dealing with a lot of morons like Lindsey and Dick.

          • I mailed a 4 page letter to Trump upon his inauguration specifically urging him to stand by Ronald Reagan’s principles. One that Trump needs to remember: “Compromise means WE WON, YOU LOST.” IF Trump allows those 800,000 ILLEGALS to become citizens–he’s stabbed all those in the back who’ve been waiting for years and spent hundreds/thousands of dollars for and he’s stabbed Americans in the back. ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL–NO ILLEGAL alien should EVER qualify for citizenship, PERIOD! The dirty secret Americans can’t seem to understand–radicals and DemocRATS see a minority RUN country as the utopia of domination–we’ve ABORTED 55+ MILLION BABIES and replaced them with MORE than 40+ MILLION ILLEGALS/legals during the same period–we’re overturning the demographics of our Country. Ted Kennedy was key jerkwad instrumental in LIMITING WHITE IMMIGRATION from Europe while ending limits from minority countries. We allow 195,000 PER MONTH to enter the U.S., majority come from socialist countries already DEPENDENT on government–THAT is the ‘KEY’ voting base the DemocRATS need to overturn control of Congress and Republicans will NEVER WIN ANOTHER PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and likely NEVER control Congress again. You wanna know WHY we can’t stop ILLEGAL immigration? “FREE MONEY”–that’s what they ALL come her for—IF they survive 30 days, they can start receiving benefits TAXPAYERS are forced to provide–and are eligible for 9 MONTHS of “Supplemental Security Income”, housing, aid to dependent children, costs American taxpayers an estimated $135 BILLION PER YEAR for ILLEGALS and legal aliens, IF this was a smaller populated country—WE would’ve already bankrupted–the dirty secret they’re hiding–WE THE PEOPLE have so much DEBT piled on this country–the richest country in the world NO LONGER HAS ASSETS TO PAY IT OFF. He’s already buckled on DACA–it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL and he should NOT even consider it.

          • Great post and 100% correct. I feel he won’t buckle on it. I think it all was a show to demonstrate to the rest of the population what the DemWits really want. When asked to sign DACA in, and come back to visit the wall later, President Trump answered no. I’m with you all the way…NO DACA ever!!!!!!

          • And by doing what he did showed the country that the dems didn’t really give a rat’s ass for the “dreamers” all along.

  3. That’s a cause for concern all right. Making ANY kind of deal for our national security with Dems/RINOs is BAD business and plain stupid; they don’t ever keep their part of the bargain when it comes down to the doing, and it’s too late then.

  4. “DACA” is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, should NEVER have been allowed to stand–Obama did NOT have Constitutional authority to enact. PEOPLE–“IMMIGRATION” is NOT A ‘RIGHT’–IT IS A PRIVILEGE GRANTED BY AMERICAN PEOPLE! But liberal/progressive/SOCIALISTS running the radical left and DemocRAT party have USED IT against America and its citizens strictly to overturn an AMERICAN MAJORITY POPULATION! We’ve ABORTED 55+ MILLION BABIES and REPLACED THEM WITH 40+ MILLION ALIENS. How many more MILLIONS of ILLEGALS and legal aliens should we be FORCED to accept?? I OPPOSE TRUMP’S “DACA” move—BUILD THE WALL–ANY ILLEGAL ALIEN SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED ANY CITIZENSHIP, PERIOD!! IF they don’t appreciate or respect the LAWS of OUR COUNTRY—they aren’t allowed ANY citizenship!

  5. Dems are the party of destruction!
    Destruction of morals
    Destruction of country
    Destruction of values
    Destruction of babies lives
    I certainly wouldn’t have a conversation with one.
    Brainwashed idiots


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