Is Trump’s Plan To End Legal Immigration?

On ABC’s segment,“This Week,” Representative Luis Gutiérrez stated that President Trump is attempting to end all immigration to the US, even legal immigration.

He stated, “They want to end legal immigration to the United States.  They say let’s build a wall to keep us safe.  They say let’s build a wall so that our workers don’t have to compete with illegals that come across the — but then they end legal immigration.  They say the lottery system, let’s end it.  That’s legal immigration to the United States.”


  1. There has been at least one, maybe more pauses to legal immigration in the past in order to allow time for the migrants to assimilate to our American culture. Since the 1965 Immigration Act, the quota for legal immigration was raised from 250,000 per year to one million per year. There are so many ways for migrants to come into the U.S. today we must surely be absorbing at least twice that number now. The refugee excuses alone are unsustainable as well as dangerous and without expiration. As an example, I just heard, last week, that more than 200,000 refugees from El Salvadore who came here in 2001 after the earthquakes there, are still here!!! We at least need another pause as well as repeal the 1965 Immigration Act, replacing it with one that returns the yearly quota back to the 250,000 per year level.

    Amnesty of any kind is unacceptable, even for the “dreamers”, ALL illegal immigrants are subject to deportation and should return to their home countries, either voluntarily or by deportation, to take a number and get in line to apply for admittance through the legal process – and NOT via the illegal visa lottery.

  2. Luis Gutiérrez is an idiot and could care less about the safety of US citizens and US workers. The lottery system may have been legal but it’s broken and is an open door to almost anyone who wants to come here without proper vetting. Morons like this would turn this country into a third world sh$%^ t hole. southern California is there already.

  3. Nobody [NOBODY] has the right to enter the U.S. unless (1) they are a citizen, or (2) are legally invited to enter. Compassion and sanctuary is a church thing. Since Obama, it has become a power thing for Democrats. Government has no right, no obligation or duty to be compassionate, to provide sanctuary. Foreigners [wrongly labeled as ‘immigrants’ instead of ‘migrants’] here illegally must not become citizens. CA Gov. Jerry Brown and his Attorney General [both who beg to be arrested for treason] are allowing foreigners who hold a CA driver’s license to vote as of April 1, 2018. No matter how long a foreigner has been living in the U.S., no matter how nice they are, they and their children must return to their country of citizenship. They are members of another society, a different nation. They and their country must be required to pay back U.S. taxpayers for the costs of them having been here. If American businesses need foreign workers, they should be required to E-Verify the citizenship of each person hired and sponsor foreign workers by putting up a bond that assures the state they will not cost taxpayers any money. States should permit them to enter for a given period of time before they are required to return home. Those who wish to immigrate and assimilate into American culture should get in line because quality of life for American citizens is important. Restricting over-crowding and providing opportunities for American citizens is important to Americans. God save the America we all once knew and loved.

  4. Not yet; just to end abuse of the legal immigration, which the LOTTERY is. WE, as a sovereign nation need to KNOW who is coming in; this isn’t a game of “Russian roulette” we’re playing here; and lottery visa immigrants ARE KILLING Americans; time to stop that and decide ourselves who gets to come here or NOT! Ditto chain migration and the abuse of the 14th A, which does NOT grant citizenship to illegals’ babies in fact; since MOM is NOT under US jurisdiction;so neither is her kid. ALSO time to end the H1 B visas unless a company can prove they can’t find and hire an American, then ONLY for as long as it takes to train and replace that foreign national with an American citizen worker!

  5. This man is a lunatic and is so for mexicans he cannot stand for this nation….I detest all of them anymore as they have huge chips on their shoulders! They think they own America and have the right to be here free and bring anyone they want! Well this is OUR nation and if they want another Spanish-American War they can bring it on because we are sick and tired of their ingratiation into our country and endless ignorance…..jsu twho do they think they are and folks like this fool too?

  6. PS: Another Thing to think about is if this nation adds all these low wage people and the economy tanks FURTHER HERE THEY ARE with their hands out again! still! they will be on our back for the rest of this nation’s existence! They will bring us down even more and the DACA kids have NO intention of standing for the Flag, the Anthem, working with us, assimilating or any other American thing.;..they will push and push their mexican crap and push for more mexicans everywhere in everything— just like the muslims will and are. ….so who the hell said it was open season on OUR land? We have every right to keep out any one for any reason!….What part of THIS IS OUR COUNTRY DO THEY NOT GET?

  7. the only way into this Great country is to follow the law on entering it through the legal process and if you can’t then we need to ship them back to their $ hit hole country they came from. Enter Legally and follow our laws or don’t come at all.


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