CNN Goes After Trump’s Economic Adviser

CNN Chief Legal Analyst and New Yorker Staff Writer Jeffrey Toobin appeared on a recent airing of CNN’s “Situation Room,” during his time he spoke about the departure of Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn and said Cohn, “managed to stomach the racism, what he couldn’t take was tariffs” and this “really doesn’t reflect all that well on Gary Cohn.”

Toobin stated, “I think it’s also — this is an interesting lesson in the ethics and principles of Gary Cohn. Gary Cohn made a big show of being disgusted with the president’s behavior after Charlottesville, you know, his sympathy for neo-Nazis. And he says, ‘Oh, I might resign over the president’s racism.’ Well, he managed to stomach the racism, what he couldn’t take was tariffs. And I think if you want to weigh the moral imperatives of the two, it really doesn’t reflect all that well on Gary Cohn.”


  1. Full Bravo Sierra Toobin. Racism is the only game the left has to play. Everything is racism to them, yet, factually they are the biggest racists ever. All of their race-based policies and programs assume absolute inferiority for their so-called protected class. Toobin and all of his compatriots, or comrades are as far left as they come. Also, inherently racists, in the true meaning of the word. All pretend to strive for egalitarian ideals, but would place themselves above all others if it ever came to be. Look at the history of the communist party, the Bolsheviks and even the NDA in pre-WWII Germany. Stunning similarities.

  2. my lack of respect for cohn…doesn’t affect my disgust of toobin,it must be a herculean effort for toobin to taken the moral high -ground,with his head that far up his a$$ working where he does,and taking their money for professional parsimony


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