Democrat Weighs In On UK’s Russian Diplomat Choice

Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) told CNN that he was in agreement of the removal of Russia diplomats from the UK. He stated he believes “the president was forced to move on this” because of UK PM Theresa May.

Cardin claimed the expulsion was “the right thing to do. It’s in response to Russia’s attack in the UK. The US has shown unity with our NATO allies to show that we will stand up against this type of attack by Mr. Putin. What is disappointing is the president has yet to acknowledge the attack by Mr. Putin in the United States. Congress gave him authority to impose sanctions. He hasn’t used that authority fully and he hasn’t asked our European allies to join us in regards to the attack against America.”

“I think the president was forced to move on this because of UK Prime Minister May being so strong about what Russia did in Great Britain. We also saw that there are many other countries in Europe that are going to join us in expelling Russian diplomats. So, this is a sign of unity within the Transatlantic Partnership, which is good. It was absolutely the right thing to do. The United States — it’s critically important to show that we stand with Europe in our defense against Russia. So, it was the right move. It is a clear signal to Mr. Putin that there will be consequences of his activities.”


  1. Senator Cardin is either part of the usual Democrat damage control apparatus or he’s not privy to how all this works. If you or Cardin believes for a single moment that we’re not doing the same things to them and other nations, then you’ve been smokin’ some powerful stuff for a long time. What I fear is that Trump’s actions are borne out of an attempt to disprove the Russia-connection claims by actually over reacting.


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