Is The Left Getting Payback?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke about a recent election in which a liberal judge beat out a conservative for the Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

He encouraged conservatives to “wake up” due to the fact that left was enacting revenge and was “angry and their rhetoric is filled with hate.”

“We had a bit of a wake-up call on TuesdayOn Tuesday in our state, Wisconsin, had the elections for Supreme Court justices. And for the first time in about 20 years in an open seat for the Supreme Court, a liberal judge defeated a conservative judge,” Walker stated.

“The big overall concern … is we’ve got to wake up as conservatives, as people who are center-right across America that the left is angry and their rhetoric is filled with hate for me, for the President, for Republicans. We’ve got a counter it, not with hatred, but we’ve got an optimistic story to tell with real results. We’ve got to get organized and get that message out.”


  1. Scott Walker is correct. Every day, we see the Left spew it’s vile hatred toward us conservatives, and Trump, and what we stand for while we do nothing at all to defend ourselves and our way of life. It is all over television and on all shows except for the Fox News Network and I guess now Rosanne (I keep missing this, but one day, I’ll catch it). I can’t believe how bad they get. In addition, I don’t know why our Congress and Senate doesn’t stand up to the crap that they give them and therefore us, in this arena. It is extremely sad to see America getting shafted by the Left.

  2. One main reason the Left is able to bully us is that for at least several decades, public
    schools have been indoctrinating students (in the name of “education”) with left-wing
    views that stem from communism. The teachers’ union (national) is seriously bent
    to the left and consequently, teachers are presenting revised history that has little
    to do with actual history. Hence, we have hordes of anti-American voters coming
    out of this misguided schooling. They belittle our Constitution, sneer at our military,
    while aiding and abetting removal of our Christian-Judeo heritage. Traditional morals
    have been replaced with an “anything goes” mentality. Patriotic conservatives need
    to get out and vote to rescue America from amoral socialism, and the trend to let
    criminals cross our borders. (We all know that criminals are likely to vote for any
    left-wing candidates on a ballot, of course, which may account for the Left’s desire for
    open borders…) We managed to get Trump in, but the battle is far from over — the
    violent Left is still trying to topple this courageous President. Patriots need to stand
    strong and keep proud Americans in power. Can you imagine how much more our
    President Trump could be accomplishing if members of his own party stopped helping
    the Left do everything possible to block his efforts? RINO’s are traitors.


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