Will Republicans Gain In 2018 Elections

Even though many believe the 2018 elections will result in a big win for the democrats, House Speaker Newt Gingrich believes otherwise.

“I think that the Republicans are likely to gain four to six seats in the Senate,” Gingrich said. “I do a newsletter at Gingrich Productions that goes out twice a week every week for free, and two weeks ago I wrote everybody who was wrong in the spring of ’16 who said Trump couldn’t be the nominee, everybody who was wrong in the fall of ’16 who said Trump couldn’t win the presidency are the same people who are on TV right now. Why would you believe any of them?”


  1. When the Dems lose yet ANOTHER few seats they will become positively UNGLUED and start shooting more baseball playing GOP senators.

  2. The only way the demorrhoids can win is 1. Steal the elections with the usual, dead and those that vote numerous times and/or 2. Their other usual, redistricting.

    • Not about shooting more Republican senators I hope, but the prospect of them, [the Dems], losing a few more seats, I would be tickled pink.


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