Kamala Harris Raises Concerns Over Trump Tape

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) believes federal investigators are examining the Michael Cohen-Trump tape and hopes the tape “certainly raises questions that should be answered.”

Harris stated, “I would expect and anticipate that federal investigators are looking into it to figure out, what exactly happened, and has there been a violation of any laws that relate to campaign ethics or any other laws.”

When asked, “Do you think that it raises legal problems for the president?”

Harris replied, “I think it certainly raises questions that should be answered.”


  1. Harris has to be one of the most corrupt, lying, anti-American, anti-Constitutionalists I’ve ever seen. She has denied Constitutional rights to millions of American citizens in CA. She is a bigger criminal than Al Capone. She needs to be in prison not in Congress.

  2. Where was she when Obama assured the RUSSIAN president that he would “have more flexibility after the election”?
    Could you read that as Treason?

  3. These extreme leftist are dooming the Democrat party. Public school “educators” have failed our youth with utopian socialism. They fear Conservatives as controllers of their weak moral lives but actually it is their PC narrow minds threatening the freedoms of us all.

  4. Do we really can what Trump may have done before becoming president, I don’t I care about what he is doing now. Harris is a Trump haters and losers and only 1 of millions.

  5. I wonder what some of these liberals would do if their lives had been under the same
    microscope as our President has been. I would imagine that they would turn tail and
    run away. Our president is one of the bravest men around. He had a great life and lots
    of money before he ran for office. Since day 1 he has been wire-tapped, watched, lied
    about, had a phony dossier, had the entire MSM smearing him 24/7, had the entire
    obama/clinton crime cabal against him, had the FBI, DOJ, and the CIA after him. A
    lesser man would have resigned by now. Do you believe Obama could have with-
    stood all of this? I don’t think bath house barry could withstand it for ANY length of
    time? I don’t think so. He set this in motion and abused his power for evil purposes.

  6. Due to the asinine voting process in CA we had to choose between Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), (then DA Kamala Harris) and another Democrat who blatantly stated she would do everything she could for illegal invaders. I think they might have been twins, they are sure both UN-American!


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