Will New Trade Deal Pass The Senate?

Recent broadcast of CNN’s “Wolf,” Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) announced a new North American trade deal wouldn’t be able to pass the Senate without including Canada. Leahy also condemned the omittance of Canada from the deal between the US and Mexico as “petty.”

Leahy stated, “Excluding Canada, NAFTA won’t pass the Senate. I mean, the only way it passed last time was because Canada was part of it. It sort of falls in the same category, we’re all waiting for Mexico to pay for a wall. … Canada is our greatest trading partner. It comes across as petty.”


  1. I support President Trump’s pulling out of NAFTA. I only fear he may not be going far enough. What needs to be done is to completely repeal NAFTA not just modify it a little bit to make it’s trade provisions fairer to the US. None other than former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger stated that NAFTA was NOT just a trade agreement but a basis for a political union like the European Union which was also sold to the individual countries as a Trade agreement but ended up being a political Union whereby each country gave up their sovereignty and totally became subservient to a central government in Brussels who could tax them and order them to take in huge numbers of “imigrants” in defiance of their own immigration laws. NAFTA went a long way toward creating a political union between the US, Mexico and Canada. Mexico and Canada are both Socialist governed and the US would have to give up our Constitution and Freedom, and become a Socialist dictatorship. NAFTA is a treaty several thousands of pages long. It does not take thousands of pages to define “Free Trade”. Any revised treaty with Mexico and Canada should be 10/0 pages or less. Otherwise it is NOT just a Free Trade Treaty but something threatening our Constitution AND Freedom.


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