Trump Accused Of Mob Mentality

CNN’s network chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta  alleged President Trump knew “what mob rule and mob tactics look like because he encourages them.”

Acosta said, “It’s pretty remarkable what he’s saying, Brooke. We should point out, a few minutes before you came on the air, he was making additional comments at this law enforcement speech that he’s giving down in Orlando, Florida. He was talking about the battle over Brett Kavanaugh and some of the allegations that were brought forward. And he said, quote, ‘It was a disgraceful situation brought about by people who are evil.’ So the president is putting this in some very stark — I mean just the most pointed terms possible. It is unclear, Brooke, whether or not the President is lumping in the accuser in that Brett Kavanaugh saga, Christine Blasey Ford, into that comment when he says that this was brought forward by people who are evil. If you talk to people inside the White House, inside the Republican party, obviously in the Democratic side, they all believe Christine Blasey Ford, to the point where she says she was sexually assaulted. Where there seems to be a huge divide is that people like Susan Collins and so on say while they believe Christine Blasey Ford, was assaulted, they don’t believe that Brett Kavanaugh committed that act.”

“But it is rather striking, Brooke, to hear the president continue this battle, almost as if he wants it to continue. And we’ll see some of that later on this evening when the president hosts an event over here at the White House in the East Room, where Brett Kavanaugh will be brought out in front of the cameras and announced as the next Supreme Court justice. This is the victory lap that they’re looking for over here at the White House. The way this is being framed in the most stark political terms possible, it does raise the question whether or not the president is trying to go too far with some of this rhetoric, you know? His talk of mob rule and so on, I mean, Brooke, have you been to a Trump rally?”

He finished with, “You do hear rhetoric at those rallies that would conjure up images of a mob. Go back to the 2016 campaign when the president said as a candidate that he would like to punch protesters in the face and so on. So perhaps the president knows what mob rule and mob tactics look like because he encourages them himself.”


  1. So what else is new? Everyone new that Trump was the epitome of evil from early on in his campaign. He not only wanted to punch the opposition out, but also promised to cover the legal fees for any follower who actually did.

  2. Wow. I can’t believe that his tongue did not catch on fire. Normal liberal – accuse your opponent of doing what you are doing. Stalin would be proud.

  3. This is rich. Coming from the mob on the Left who have been ganging up on Trump since his election. Every time I hear the Left make and accusation I can find twenty examples of their hypocrisy on the subject. It’s their go to tactic to deflect and transfer guilt.

  4. Mobs have been the mentality of Tammany & Demwits for a hundred years and more. Conservatives THINK FOR THEMSELVES! I’m ready to carry torches & pitchforks into Congress and tar & feather every single Dem (and RINO), and ride them out of DC on a rail. I’d pay to watch that on Pay-per-View!

    The idiot Dems sincerely seem to believe that anything they say, no matter how crazy, instantly becomes the truth. Remember might after Trump’s landslide electoral victory in 2016? Many were saying that he was planning to put queers & trannies IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS. They actually believed that Trump SAID SO in a speech. Impossible to reason with Dems.

  5. What a load of BS Crap…The LIBTURD Socialist Party of Soros, is the true Mob Mentality of Racism and Hate…All one has to do is look at the Rantings of Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Jackson-Lee, Schumer, PigLosi, Killary, Obama, Biden, AntiFa, BLM, OWS and Splinter, along with the LibTurd Congress, all calling for Attacking Whites, Attacking Trump and his Admin, Attacking Everyone, Who Disagrees With The LibTurd Agenda…Hypocrites who Call For Violence, while blaming REP’s..???

  6. Acosta needs to get his facts straight. When Trump is in a crowd, it is like a pep rally. People are in a good mood and excited. Mobs, as the president’s protests, the protests against Brett, etc., are angry. They are mean and violent. They have no life (obviously no job) and just seem downright miserable. I know they are angry because their freebies (as food stamps) may be in jeopardy of being cut back. They are upset because they are being told that if they are fairly young or able-bodied, they should work some hours to show good faith. I mean—–to get freebies forever because they said they can’t find work????? That isn’t going to fly anymore with this economy.


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