Trump Accused Of Funding Migrant Caravan

CNN’s Van Jones believes that the migrant caravan which is heading through Central America towards the United States is “more likely” President Trump’s doing than liberal billionaire George Soros.

Jones pointed out how it doesn’t make sense for Soros to fund a caravan which isn’t in the benefit of the Liberal agenda.

“I think it’s much more likely that Donald Trump is paying for this than for George Soros to be paying for it,” Jones said. “This is exactly the worst kind of thing to be happening in a moment like this because what it does is it gives another talking point to Donald Trump, ‘Look at these invading hordes, etc., etc.’”


    • It is really scary the rhetoric and actions coming from the left in the last two years. It is as though they have declared open war with America. They are using Nazi and Communist and even Socialist tactics against us openly. Most of them have committed Sedition, and some outright Treason. They are advocating and marching to overthrow our duly elected government in favor of a dictatorship under the democrats. They are bringing in invaders to attack our borders. They are working diligently to dissolve our sovereignty and hand the American people over to their Globalist Overlords. These are trying times. I pray America can survive this ruthless onslaught of enemies of the Republic.

  1. Trump has been saying since elected, “Look at these Hordes of ILLEGALS “! Yes just a coincidence Trump created. Van Jones, needs help for his rectal vision!!

  2. Van Jones & His Meal Ticket, FAKE NEWS CNN, are accusing
    Our President of doing, what CNN & the DEMS are Actually doing,
    Aiding & Abetting the Criminals to overwhelm our Border with
    The Mob is changing the theme of the MARCH, from giving a better life to their
    Families, To demanding entrance & Benefits for themselves, OR ELSE!
    The DEMS/LEFT/SOCIALISTS see a whole New Population of DEMS,
    who are eager to VOTE DEM & ACCEPT THEIR FREEBIES.
    Yes, I would say that DEMS/ SOROS are Footing this Bill for the MOB.
    “HOIST THAT HONDURAN FLAG” & Smartly turn to the rear & March Home.

  3. Hah,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha! They are so desperate, they’re still using the tired, old commie tactic of accusing their enemies of what “they are guilty of”! With this, and the phoney “bombs”, they will fall on their face again! They have no substance, only lies and stunts left.

  4. Van Jones is full of it. He knows damn well that the long term Soros program is to create more voters for the Democrats. It makes every bit of sense that Soros would fund an invasion like this. Those people are carrying flags of their home countries. That means they are not refugees, but invaders. There is no way such a march could take place without some expert organizational support.

  5. Rational response to Van Jones; “show us your evidence, or shut the F up.” Oh wait – that’s a page out of the Dem’s play book; float the most outrageous charge you can imagine, whip your minions into a frenzy, then start looking for evidence to support the charge – inventing the evidence if necessary. When will we be able to awaken from this nightmare?


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