Pelosi/Schumer Did One Thing That Made Their Response A Joke

Image credit: nbcnews

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer aired their response following President Trump’s address to the nation. One that’s gotten more laughs than praise.

Instead of spurring people to talk about the issue of the government shutdown and how an agreement can be made to secure our borders, the internet has been abuzz over how awkward the pair were. 

Tweets abounded with people commenting a litany of comparisons for the stiff and lifeless pair. 

Likening them to the image of “American Gothic” or tv characters from “That 70’s Show”, the biggest resemblance was of out-of-touch and disappointed parents. 

“They look like rich parents being told their loutish son just got kicked out of college again,” wrote one user.

However others where more harsh in their criticism claiming that nothing Pelosi said made any sense or that the last minute response that they clamored for was so poorly focused that more was poured into the production of it that the content of the message.

The bottom line is that after all the noise made about getting an opportunity to respond to Trump, they really had nothing new to say.


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