Trump’s Surprising Admission About Venezuela

Image credit: cnn

President Trump made a surprising revelation about the ongoing’s in Venezuela during a pre-Super Bowl interview on CBS.

Things have been heating up in the South American country as newcomer Juan Guaido has declared himself the rightful president of the people over current-President Nicolas Maduro.

Yet it was President Trump who made waves when he revealed that he has already turned down talks with Maduro.

Trump shared the information after host Margaret Brennan asked, “Would you personally negotiate with Nicolás Maduro to convince him to exit?”

Trump replied that, “Well he is [sic] requested a meeting and I’ve turned it down because we’re very far along in the process.” Adding that, “A number of months ago he wanted to meet.”

While it’s surprising that Trump would have turned down the request months ago, it stands to reason now given that the United States was the first to recognize challenger Guaido’s claim.



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