Sen. Graham: ‘There Could Be A War’

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In his home state of South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham had a dire warning for the future of U.S. politicians.

Speaking with reporters at the First Monday GOP club in Greenville, Graham expressed his concerns about Trump’s wall. He lamented that Trump may be forced to declare a national emergency, and that it may trigger “a war within the Republican Party.”

With some Republicans turning on Trump and even more still on the fence, Graham had strong words to encourage them to amend their actions.

“To every Republican: If you don’t stand behind this president, we’re not going to stand behind you when it comes to the wall,” Graham threatened. “This is the defining moment of his presidency. It’s not just about a wall. It’s about him being treated differently than every other president.”

While Trump has floated the idea of declaring a national emergency, that is only if Democrats continue to be completely unwilling to offer a reasonable deal for a border wall that will protect America’s borders. 


  1. Like Many of my Senior Companions I fully agree with Lindsay Graham, one of the few men of integrity left in the Political Arena. Yes to all and prayers that we will not have to result to a national emergency to protect our country….the lives of the majority of US citizens would be completely disrupted….and I pray this is not a War we are headed for! Yet it seems highly unlikely Our President will be able to avoid this.

  2. So what is the decision, are you on the side to protect the people that trusted you and put you in office to serve. Now all we seem to be getting is the usual political lip service?

  3. Is this the same Lindsay Graham who said that Trump was UNFIT to serve as president?
    And now that two horrible Trump years in office have PROVED that Graham was right
    about Trump’s unfitness. SO, that raises the question of: WHY HAS GRAHAM
    Trump: Liar (8,ooo+) Traitor-aiding & abetting an enemy-Putin- who declared a cyberwar
    against the U,S., a Kidnapper (taking children away from mothers, against their will, and
    putting the children in cages, Alienating all of our allies and LOVING the dictators,’saying
    “Press is the Enemy of the Peopke”- per Comrade Stalin.

    Graham: Maybe this makes you and Trump “THE ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE”!!!!!

  4. Graham is right t the republicans should stand behind our president as should democrats on the responsible acts he proposes , not fight him like school children out for revenge.

    Congress and the deep state has fought him like no other president in history.

  5. The Democrats have been a thorn since day one. they do not care about the border of America that allow illegals, human trafficking, drugs and any and all undesirables. We cannot be a United Nation without some control who comes in. Especially in todays age. Build the wall, control the flow and take care of Americans first. Quite giving billions of dollars away to countries that hate us and want our free money. Make them take a loan , hold them accountable or step up for us. Get back to the basics before we all go to hell in a hang basket.

  6. I cannot conceive of a “Republican-Conservative Legislator in the House or Senate who does not recognize the importance of establishing a barrier, be it of physical barriers, electronic and/or aerial surveillance to enhance the security and welfare of the United States. I can only conclude that these “nay sayers” are to be found among the “deep state political establishment” or in deep debt to and in the pocket of some industries (ag and otherwise) who are extremely dependent on the southern illegal migrant workers for a cheap labor force. When some aspects of doing business increase due to rising costs of labor or materials, the cost of many ag products, mfg and construction costs will rise commensurately. The taxpayer-consumer should not have to underwrite your cost of doing business, vis-a-vi sacrifice U.S. border security, only to then have to buy your product at a price which gives you (and stock holders) a healthy profit. So, time to get on board…..said another way…”fish or cut bait”!!

  7. Dear God, I hope not, but I have said the same thing for over 5 year’s. The Democrate’s are looking to change America and give free stuff to get elected, I don’t lnow how that fang lady got elected dosen’t know a dam thing and that Gov. said ok to kill baby’s those people down ther e are Nut’s
    I am a retired Police Chief, been retired for 18 year’s and I am so glad and feel sorry for the Officers’ today

    And to let the Border open To allow drugs here to kill people maby that’s what they want they have a lot of blood on there hand’s

  8. I am 81 and a lifelong Republican. The GOP lost the house because they didn’t support our Pres. on Obama Care and they are not supporting him on the wall. I guess some are afraid they will get caught up in cleaning of the swamp.

  9. The presidential office should be respected, not turned in to shamble because some people have turned into.

    He is treated different, All the politicians Have talked trash about anything. If the people in our Gov. talked about and treated Former President Obama, or any other presidents of this great Country, They would have been pushed out of Office. I didn’t really care for President Obama, but I wouldn’t have treated him with respect. And if I had ever crossed paths with him, I would’ve shook his hand and told him have a great day. I would have treated the office of the President with respect. That is one thing that is wrong, The younger generation have not been taught respect for anything or other people. And I don’t believe it has anything to do with race. that’s why government needs to respect the office. Listen to what the president and the republicans and some of the democrats. .
    God bless America and the USA. and the people that do their best. Work together all of you. Even the President Trump needs to remember his respect for the other side. It is supposed to be a two way path.

  10. Dear Senator Graham, I started out a a Democrat but I gained wisdom and became a Republican eons ago. I’m about to become an independent. I’m so tired of these feckless RINOS, they need to grow a set of BALLS. They ought to learn from the Demo-Rats on how to stick together. The Republicans need to have someone like Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to give it right back to the Demo-Rats. Fight fire with fire.
    If all of those weak kneed feckless Republicans would be in lock step the stronger Republicans, (Like the Demo-Rats stick together), and stand behind our President, we really could get things done. Instead of this constant bickering and infighting.
    Heaven help us if Trump doesn’t get re-elected, we deserve what we get. This might happen if all Republicans don’t stand behind our president.
    And this could be the end of the Republican Party.

    Peter M. Krizmanitz

  11. I know that there are A Lot of Republicans that have not supported Our President. I am even more sure that most of President Trump’s Supporters will not forget, who supported the President and the “Republican Traitors” that don’t.

  12. The Republicans better unite as the Democrats Always Do! If they don’t, when they are up for re-election they will be voted out and probably replaced by a Democrat. I don’t want to see this and neither do they. So Republicans Better wake up or the will be Out of office!

  13. Securing the border was just one of three major promises of the 2016 campaign. There was also the promise to repeal Obamacare and cut funding of Planned Parenthood. It wasn’t just Trump who chanted those promises. Most of the Republican politicians running for election and reelection also got on that band wagon.

    I believe that Trump tried but he was up against a do nothing Congress of Democrats and RINOs. The Republicans didn’t keep the campaign promises because they didn’t want to. A conservative majority in Congress these past two years was a joke. With all the RINOs in Washington, the liberals never lost control of Congress.

    Before the 2016 election, I believe they kept promising to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, repeal Obamacare and secure the border only to make brownie points with the voters to get elected or keep their seats. According to Senator Cornyn, there was no intention of doing any of those things. Trump winning the White House caught all of them flat footed because they expected a Hillary win. President Trump is bringing out their true RINO colors.

    It is time for the Republican party to put their differences aside and get behind and support Trump. Had they done that in the first place and did everything possible to keep those campaign promises, I have no doubt they would still control Congress.

  14. think about our country … Congress show you care about the strains on the border states, the economic strain on cities and towns who provide schools, medical care for a new welfare group who mainly plan to
    send money back to another country rather than assimilate. Veterans need help, our black and white poor
    need help, the sick who cannot pay for high priced prescription, our own elderly who strained to survive.

    WHO do you care about – your purse and retirement is secure, think about your “little people” – Your own
    citizens who need your help for your pay!

  15. Republicans need to remember that Trump got a 76% approval on SOTU—Trump NOT Republicans and if they want to breeze through in 2020 they had better stand behind him we Deplorables WILL be watching…

  16. Many of these so-called row Republicans were never anything but Democrats with Republican clothes on to deceive the American people. We will remember you when primary time comes along and you will take one major/and furthermore we already have petitions in the work to make sure you people do not get any kind of retirement whatsoever

  17. Graham is correct about Pres. Trump being the most ” Unfairly Treated President” it’s Shameful and Dishonorable of the elected office. I am Ashamed of everyone in DC who goes out of their way to inisight Hate towards a Legally Elected President! Americans “will “start voting All these Career Socialist Liberal’s and Rino’s out that’s the only way to save America, These AntiAmericans have made it perfectly clear what they stand for and its not “the Voters ,it’s their ” own nasty Agenda for this Country!

  18. Why hasn’t someone just taken Poloosie and Scheemer out to the border and have them be over the border for just one day.Let them see reality!!! Fuck you you stupid assholes. The next time my kid has a problem with your illegals I’m going to come after your ass and your wall will not stop me. Get it together fast or else!!!


  19. Tell me P0LOSi is not a drunk. Just look at her past flights alcohal charges. Thousands of dollars. Why should we pay for that? She should pay the public back for that. 2,000,000 dollars in flights with family and expensive booze .All of her flights should be checked out and be charged to her.Next time the Gov is shutdown the House should not get paid either. Mabey that will get POLOOSIES ATTENTTION!! Since when do we get free fiights home and back? I drove my car back and forth to work everyday. This is bullshit, she needs to be stopped. She thinks she is the Queen now. She has to be stopped. How do we do it?????

  20. The GOP/Republican party must become a “party of the people” and NOT a party ruled by the “establishment” and who deliberately gave Obama his 2nd term in 2012 by forcing un-electable, traitor Romney upon the people as the Republican candidate contrary to established party principals. Ron Paul (not of the establishment), had he become the candidate of the Republican party would most likely have won the Presidency via the conservative Democrat vote (a 2 for 1 vote by those who would never support Romney). Thus the Republican party has proven itself entirely unfit to act as a representative of the people by its actions in the past and present, …and most likely the future. The Republican party MUST be turned over to the people if it is to become viable otherwise it must be fully dismantled and another Party created in its stead. The rumblings from the Republican establishment just underscores their lack of comprehension of what has occurred with the advent of Donald John Trump.

    The Republican party IS currently a no more than a “private”, for-profit corporation subject to its stockholders and its Board of Directors; it is NOT answerable to the people as was proven in 2012 and therefore must be drastically reformed or dismantled and replaced. The Republican party is no more than the flip-side of a counterfeit coin that is the “fake” political system that controls American politics. It is time for the Republican party to be nationalized as it is too corrupt to be allowed to continue.
    The Democrat party should also be dismantled.

    In reality, the “party” political system should be dismantled and replaced as it has become far too corrupt to be allowed to continue. Both the Democrat party and the Republican party must be dismantled and replaced with something more suitable to the American Republic.

  21. A house divided will surely fall, a country divided will definitely fall. Look around people, wise up. Government has to start working together to better our nation.
    Get off of the he said she said wagon.
    Grow up and stop acting like idiots.
    You already wasted two and a half years with this nonsense. I don’t pay taxes to watch you children argue, start working for the people or GET OUT!!!


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