Breaking: Lead Found In Actor’s Assault

Image credit: reelchicago

There is finally some progress in the case of Jussie Smollett. The actor alleged that he had been beaten by a pair of racist, homophobic Trump supporters at 2 am in freezing Chicago.

Many have expressed their doubts about the claim after the actors story continued to change and some odd details came to light. Such as the rumor that Smollett, after being assaulted outside a Subway restaurant, still had the presence of mind to preserve his sandwich and bring it home. 

Far more damning though was the report that almost an hour after reporting the incident, police officers arrived to find Smollett still wearing the noose he said attackers placed on him. 

Now, reports from Rafer Weigel of Fox News share that the Chicago Police Department has found the retailer of the specific rope. They are now combing the surveillance of all associated stores to see if the buyer of the rope can be identified. 

Many are anxious to learn the truth of what happened. If proven true the attack would be a brutal, cruel and thoughtless crime suffered by another man of color. However the consequences will also be dire if it is exposed that Smollett fabricated the tale. 

Hopefully in time we’ll find out if the actor is a victim or the perpetrator of his own drama.



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