AOC Abuses System To Support Her Lover

Things continue to unravel for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after Luke Thompson of the National Review exposed how her campaign was paying off her boyfriend. 

The revelation began when Thompson noticed that AOC listed boyfriend Riley Roberts as a staff member who even had his own email.

After Thompson did some further digging he really hit pay dirt. It seems that AOC’s chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, made two payments to the congresswoman’s boyfriend through his campaign strategy firm. Thompson exposed that the firm had made two $3,000 payments to Roberts, while receiving an even more curious $6.191.32 payment from Ocasio-Cortez in-between the payments. 

Further damming evidence shows that Chakrabarti’s firm tried to disguise paying Roberts by sending the checks to separate addresses. 

“A rich guy used a PAC to pay [Ocasio-Cortez’s] boyfriend $6,000 when her campaign was running out of money. After AOC won, she gave that rich guy a job in her office,” Thompson explained on Twitter.

While AOC and her followers where quick to sound off that Robert’s email was a regular occurrence, they have been strangely silent about the payouts. 


    • Patrick, I would like to request you NOT use “mentally Retarted “in describing the Freshman female Demobrats recently elected to Congress. While “mentally retarted” is hard to accept especially to parents who may have challenged children, the term you use is to way to light to describe these woman. They are “evil”, severely challenged in the ways of the world, and basically “terrorists”with the goal of DESTROYING the USA and sadly elected by ppl who do not understand Capitalism, Socialism, or democracy. God help us all!!!!

  1. We know AOC loves to shoot from they hip. We know that she never lets facts interrupt her story line. Now, already, she is proving to be unethical. At least Hilary was smart enough to cover up her crimes for decades.

  2. She is the typical socialist democratic. Makes it looks like she is for the “little guy” but is actually in it for herself. And I thought Hilary was a blood sucker…

  3. Well she learns fast . Throw Americans under the bus for illegals while she keeps up her family and her liver. Pelosi was intending to take 93 family members in a business trip to foreign countries while we get to pay for all their expenses . Maybe since Zpelosi is the mafia princess those family members were really her children trafficking .for sale . She does this while she wants to get rid of our cars and food .

  4. POLOSI NEEDS TO BE GROUNDED PERMANTLY!!! Are we stuck with the people in the House? How can we get them out? Do we really have to wait for a new vote? Po;osi appears to be a drunk or druggie or both. She can’t even concientrate during her outlandishhhhhh speeches. Bye the way Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!

  5. TO AOC, Do you have a gray cell? Socialism never works. Check history. You are making a big deal out of it only to make your bank account as big as possible. Do you really think that you would be anykind of a controller if it really happened? You fool! If there is ever a world order, you would only be a peon just like us. Your millions would be grabbed just like the last dollar of a homeless person. The people behind all of this have countless amounts of money. They don’t need yours. Wake up to reality girl. Keep your guns and help republicans!!!!

  6. SI moves to Anaheim peaking of illegles moved to Anaheim, Cal. three months after I was there they stole my truck. then they broke into my truck and stole all of my tools. Then I moved. Then they stole my bike then they stole my truck again. While my truck was gone they broke into storage unit and took everyting in there. I can’t believe this is a brown problem. i believe this this is a illegal person being her that is controling them. help me they ruinend my truck. I am handicapted. I need wheels to stay alive. Will AOC give them to me?

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