Staggering Number of Illegals Cross In 1 Week

Without walls, illegal immigrants continue to swamp American borders in outrageous numbers. 

At one specific sector in the Rio Grande Valley, U.S. Border Patrol agents have reportedly captured almost 7,000 migrants…in just one week.

Accounting for the largest percentage of migrant apprehensions, the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector is the predominant hotzone for border crossings.

Recently, agents reported that they took into custody over 1,300 migrants, on a Wednesday. What’s even worse is that isn’t the first time such a milestone has been reached. 

Overall the RGV reports the apprehension of 43,588 Family Unit Aliens (FMUA) and an additional 8,685 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) for this fiscal year. That’s an increase of 180% for FMUAs and a 34% increase for UACs.

“At the current rate, the Rio Grande Valley Sector is on pace to reach 240,000 apprehensions for this fiscal year,” officials declared in a statement.

If the United States is going to be kept from being overrun, Democrats need to realize this danger and allow President Trump to finish what he has promised.


  1. You won’t hear about this illegal alien invasion on the alphabet news stations or in the leftist newspapers. And, if some of this worthy news did get reported, it would be spun as good news, as Nan Piglousy does, calling them great potential citizens. Disgusting

  2. I am sure the Democratic Party honchos are rejoicing and redoubling their efforts to assure that all those apprehended are permitted to stay for one reason or another. There is no cure for stupid.

  3. It gives me a headache when I talk to a Democrat and they say there is no problem at Mexico and United States. I’m not sure what news the libs arw looking at. But… they’re very wrong. It scares me to think how stupid half of the world is about this issue we have on the border. I’m not sure what to do. I keep trying to teach them, but they do not want to

  4. Yes! Liberals are not only stupid but evil as well… the same can be said about Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot and any other socialist/ communist dictator… the results are always the same…death for the patriotic and innocent… these people must be put down before they gain any real power… as bad as they seem now, they are merely an annoyance… but if they get any real power…it will be civil war…

  5. I live in the north, and I am amazed at the dominant number of Hispanics and foreigners, we encounter in our area in one day. I used to feel safe at our center, but now I am very uncomfortable. I felt like I was the foreigner today, while shopping. Plus we have an increasing number of Hispanics married into our family, in the last few yrs. At my doctors, I met a new, foreign, medical student. Do our students get the same, financial benefits given to these exchange students? My friend, who married a Hispanic, didn’t think so. The Democrats are thinking only, party dominancy, and not the risks to our nation’s survival. Party dominancy leads to the breakdown of a democracy, loss of free enterprise, and the rise of a regime with a dictator or despot. Socialism or the distribution of wealth, leads to a society, less motivated to work and excel on their own goal of accomplishments. There’s a difference in setting up charities and centers to help people get jobs on their own, if capable, versus those who are capable, but prefer to live off others, because it’s easier. Think about whether you want America to succeed as it has for several centuries, or whether you want a Socialist-Communist nation like China, N. Korea, or the many Islamic, dominated nations. Many which fall into ruins. If you prefer that, then, why are you still in America? Because, you enjoy the benefits of America, made by free enterprise and capitalism. So why change it, into something that has destroyed other nations and you will live to regret it. Thank God, for forefathers, who fought to preserve our nation.

  6. I fully concur that the Democrats/Progressives are stupid. However, the real reason that they don’t want a wall on the boarder is because it would be a victory for Trump and he would deliver on another promise he made to the American people. Hopefully, more than just Trump supporters see this political scam game that these idiotic D/P are playing and how negatively it’s affecting our country. Trump in 2020!

  7. Let’s say it this way. If you want a Socialist- Communist nation, go to Russia or N. Korea. If you want a Muslim nation with Sharia Law, then go the many Islamic nations. But if you want the benefits of living in a democracy with free enterprise, a chance to achieve your goals in a nation, that our forefathers died to preserve, then, please get on board to build the wall to protect and help make our nation great again.

  8. Our Democrats, communists, socialists, professors of social sciences, progressives intellectuals, and other low-lives and scum of our once proud and strong country want more of these future voters to ensure their stronghold on our socialist communist future. Why wonder any longer?

  9. Why do the border patrol have guns if they are not allowed to use them . We have been and are being invade . Where do these people have a right to force themselves on us and expect us to keep them and their millions of children up over our own? . Congress and the senate That’s where . It’s way past time to sit and wait . We do not need either party .

  10. Why do these Demo’s not feel the pain this country is going to have with this continuing onslaught of un-Americans??? We, as a people cannot afford to allow this to continue, they are going to break us…there is no way we can support folks that are opposed to the American justice system and our countries laws.

  11. BUILD THE WALLS FOR GOD SAKE! ! !. They are destroying this country. Our Schools, our communities, our Medical System, and American Taxes paid to benefit them. STOP ALL THE FREE BENEFITS! Stop the Fake S.S. numbers and the billions they rip off from the IRS in Child Tax Credits.

  12. The point is to over whelm our safety net with illegal invaders until our present government crashes! Then it can be redone in a more communist way!

  13. Members of the United States government are in violation of their promise to uphold and defend the Constitution if they fail to recognize a PRIMARY function of our government is national security, to protect American citizens. Any elected representative who thinks national security and safeguarding for US citizens isn’t a priority, perhaps they should be dismissed and reminded of who employs them. If members don’t understand why they are there, then they needn’t be there any longer.


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