‘Yikes’ Rep Exposes 6 DNC House Issues

Image credit: washingtonexaminer

After the 2018 midterms Democrats took control of the U.S. House of Representatives and problems have been cropping up ever since. Now Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw is pointing out those flaws while summing them up in a single word, “yikes.”

Sharing his observations over Twitter, the former Navy SEAL pointed out six glaring problems since the House fell into Democrats hands. 

That’s a lot of serious issues to befall our government in less than a year’s time. Hopefully the lesson isn’t lost on the U.S. populace, you get what you vote for.


  1. He is so right. These fools have No idea about anything. Don’t know what socialism is. Too uneducated to realize the Democrat party wants total control over everyone life. America is doom if people don’t get their heads out of their butts before their freedoms and rights are gone. But when your lazy and stupid they will agree for free anything.

  2. Rep. Crenshaw may be new to politics and the House of Rep., but he makes more sense than some Dems who’ve been in the House for DECADES! And what’s more, he speaks the TRUTH! Wish he represented my state!

    • He does represent one of the districts in my state – unfortunately my particular district is (mis)represented by the castro twin 🙁
      He only missed one key issue – gun confiscation – that is a critical plank in the democRAT platform

  3. It is refreshing to see a young man like Rep. Crenshaw, speak the TRUTH about these politicians. I am appalled that anyone would advocate the outright murder of children after that child survived an abortion. I pray that Americans will see the TRUTH and keep conservatives in our government.

  4. Yup. Texas got a good one in Crenshaw. Only problem is, NONE of the Dimwit Dems will listen bcuz they’re too busy trying to tell us what we’re doing wrong. Pull the log out of yer own eye, dumbass!

    Phil in TX

    • Phil – see my reply to Sue – I forgot to add that the only way to get proper representation is to get good candidates – I’m pretty well stuck since a certain party won’t even try to get someone to unseat the current guy………………

  5. I am a lifelong resident of Ohio as well as a lifelong Republican. I remember my grandfather, a LEGAL immigrant from the Czech Republic telling me he left his home for the USA in The early 1900’s due to the communists coming into power. He told me that they had a saying that “if you know a communist, stomp on his hat with his head still in it”. I see our Republican Party turning into the Democratic Party of the 1960’s and the Democrats turning into the communist party of the 1940’s and 50’s. I am glad to hear that there are some Republicans left like Mr. Crenshaw but I am represented in the senate by a democrat and a rhino who I am sad to say that I voted for. I am willing to help our real Republicans stay in office but I don’t want to back the rinos. Let me know how I can help.

  6. THANK YOU REP. CRENSHAW. YOU ARE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR. I SUPPORT YOU. Leonard Vinci a loyal GOP member for over 65 years.


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