Pelosi Triggered Over Issue

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It looks like Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker and prominent Democrat, is starting to have a little meltdown after being unable to get her way with President Trump.

During a press briefing Pelosi pounded on the lecture as she demanded that Trump, “show us the Mueller report,” and “show us the tax returns.”

Even with all her efforts since being elected as Speaker of the House, Pelosi still hasn’t been able to force Trump to hand over anything, which the president indicates won’t end anytime soon. 

When Trump first heard that Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Richard Neal had written the IRS to demand 6 years of his tax returns, he nonchalantly replied “Is that all?”

“We’re under audit,” Trump confessed. “Despite what people said and we’re working that out — I’m always under audit it seems — I’ve been under audit for many years because the numbers are big and guess when you have a name, you’re audited.”

Then he shut the door on the Democrats demands adding, “Until such time that I’m not under audit, I would not be inclined to do that.”


  1. Even if he were not under audit, the IRS cannot hand over financial information to any committee claiming to be investigative in nature unless the person or entity being investigated acquiesces. The IRS can refer its own investigation to the DOJ for further investigation and/or prosecution.

  2. She has as much right to see Trump’s tax returns, as I have to see hers. Which means, sorry Nasty, it ain’t gonna happen!

  3. This fool actually thinks because she opens her big mouth and demands the President of the United States do this and do that when what she asks is either illegal or not within her purview! The audacity of this wily bitch is beyond imagination. Accept the Mueller report and STFU!

  4. Are you serious??? They are exactly what he says they are… FAKE NEWS.. A.K.A. LIES…I saw myself how they take a story of what he said and twist it around till you wouldn’t know it was the same event they were reporting… and it was this terrible, lying, devious person they were reporting on, and not the very honest, open, patriotic, patient man I see when I watch him answering questions, or just TALKING to us… telling us just how he feels, like he is one of us!
    I watched live a news conference, or whatever you call it, of him answering a mob of reporters questioning him… or rather throwing accusations at him, for him to explain or defend… and then, just for fun, I watched Rachel,whoever!.. reporting what he said and showing clips, along with her negative comments, and if I hadn’t just watch and listened with my own eyes and ears, and LOVE him, … she might have had me dis-liking and distrusting him myself for the way she portrayed him!…..

  5. What is the point in the house looking at his taxes if the IRS is doing so? Should there be anything wrong, the IRS would find it. So, this is nothing but political posturing by Pelosi to act as though Trump is hiding something and she’s the person to find it.

  6. Tell you what Nancy while your at it how about showing us your tax returns for the last 6 yrs to explain how a public servant who ‘s salary is less then 200,000 a yr comes up with a net worth of over a Million + dollars, inquiring minds want some answers Mrs. Hypocrite you are one of the Main reasons there should be term limits on members of the House & Senate.

  7. Thank God for some rules that have to be followed… or the democrats would have us all arrested… the democrats remind us all of Nazi Germany which orchestrated same tyrannical impositions!

  8. Nancy we the people would love to see your taxes first the last six years also. We would like to see how you stole from us!

  9. This is really easy, let all the Democrats who “demand” to see Trump’s tax returns show their own! Woops, that would not work for many of them since their returns may show things they want to “hide” from their own colleagues and the American People they profess to represent. Get off the investigative bus and start doing what you were paid to do, serve the American People. Are you all a bunch of followers, not the Congressional Leaders you should be. Just be careful “who” you follow, some do not warrant or deserve your loyalty. Think about it before you “continue” to harass a man that is truly set on protecting America and making it great in the eyes of the world, again!.

  10. show us your tax returns pelosi and explain why you used my tax dollars to take numerous trips around the world with guests and spent (MY MONEY) on booze and private special crews on military aircraft when you make more $$$$ than 99% of the sheep that voted for you…STEP DOWN…YOU ARE THE FEMALE HITLER…GO F..K YOURSELF!!!!!

  11. Sitting where I do, in England, I notice that many of the people harassing Mr Trump, perhaps should take aleaf out of the old song “people who throw stones should not live in glass houses!” – we can all make demands like Senator Pelosi, but you know……well actually you never know!

  12. Every citizen should be treated equally under the law, even the president. I do not want anyone getting my tax returns, so I do not want anyone getting Trump’s. That is the Golden Rule in action. We need to end the practice of weaponizing and using government to destroy political enemies. Reduce the power and scope of the government and reduce the cost of it so the citizens can keep their money and freedom! No citizen should pay more than 10% in tax to the whole government. If GOD only wants 10% to do his work among man government needs to find a way to survive on 10% or less!!!

  13. I’d like me to see pelvis’s, Feinstein’s and Gavin Newsoms for the past decade, hell, lets throw in kanakas and Blum as well. NorCal dems need to be investigated.


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