VIDEO: Candidate Can’t Take The Heat

Image credit: safetysign

One 2020 candidate was left struggling for words when a conservative activist asked her some very real questions. 

Anna Paulina is a conservative, hispanic U.S. veteran and happened to come across Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris while at the airport. 

Paulina tries to question Harris over her dangerous open border policies and why the senator chooses to exploit Hispanic women and children. 

Harris apparently wasn’t prepared for the attack and immediately tried to shield herself using nearby supporters as a barrier by taking “photo ops.”

Paulina meanwhile continues to tear the Democrat down. 

The entire moment was captured and shared on Paulina’s Twitter. 


  1. Good for you standing up to her. She obviously has no answers or backbone unless it is scripted by the extreme left and staged.

  2. The Truth shamed Karmala Harris! She is not worthy to be a candidate for any office! Crawl back under the Rovk you came from!

  3. That was kind of rude, but at the same time that woman was 100% correct. Especially the part about how Kamala is not going to win.

    • Are you really serious!!? Rude!!? That was kid gloves compared to how I would have treated the corrupt AF, criminal that had to spread her legs to get into politics! Truth, do your own research, kamela is a pig!!

  4. Good going Anna Paulina. I support your attempt to question Harris. If she had an ounce of professional decency as a political contender she should have spoke with you. She hid behind her handlers and those so called admirers. Golly Harris your not as loved as you think you are. Yes, you are not going to win.

  5. Hey, if you haven’t figured it out yet? That was small stuff. Kamala won’t win. She can’t find body guards that intimidate? Guess you are not sitting on hold. 😂

  6. Hey Kamala, your running for the highest political office in our nation. You got to address these issues with a logical response if you plan to be relevant in the 2020 race. Guess you haven’t determined your limitations yet!

  7. She is NOT going to win.
    That’s a given.

    But who are the Commycrats going to sneak in?
    I’m sure it will be someone from “left field”.
    But watch out, the deep state isn’t dead yet

  8. Bravo, Anna!!! More people have to have the courage you demonstrated to confront these selfish politicians, focused only (not even primarily) on their own political future.

  9. At first glance, Kamala looks good but the more I see of her and the more I hear her speak, the more I see how wrong she is in every way.. This behavior will get her no votes..


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