Black Professor Makes RACIST Declaration

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An African-American professor who once shared in 2017 that first responders should let white victims “f***ing die,” is making the rounds for extremely racist comments once again.

Trinity College professor Johnny Eric Williams, who teaches sociology, made outrageous tweets over the weekend before backlash forced him to make his account private. 

“All self-identified white people (no exceptions) are invested in and collude with systemic white racism/white supremacy,” The Hartford Courant reported before the tweet was hidden.

These racist attacks weren’t only against whites though, as Williams also attacked black politicians he considered “white.” “I’m referring to [Candace Owens] and other less brazen but more insidious dangerous ‘white’ kneegrows like Barry and Michelle Obama and many other white kneegrows you encounter daily,” Williams said.

Students of the school question why someone with such vitriolic hatred would be allowed to fill the minds of students. 

“Everyone really questions, even liberals, why is he still here?” one unnamed student said. “I think that’s kind of a question a lot of people are asking is, he advocated for white genocide, why is he still here?”

The student continued that Williams’ “behavior is horrible,” adding that he “needs to be checked by the administration.”

Williams has been placed on leave for his previous comments to no lasting effect and has not been reprimanded for his current remarks at the time of this writing. 


  1. This man is obviously mentally ill, but because of his educational “status”, as well as ethnicity, no one dares take any action against him. And America is supposed to be a class-less society? Yeah, right!


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