23rd Democrat Enters Race & Literally Nobody Cares

Image credit: politico

Enough is enough.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock has just announced that he too, will be joining the 2020 presidential race. Not that anyone asked.

As the 23rd Democrat to throw his name into the ring, it’s clear that Democrats have exhausted their party’s ability to care. 

Bullock biggest selling point is that he was elected twice in a state that is predominantly Republican. As a white male in politics that pretty much it. 

Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot at this point. Bullock isn’t a known name and has hardly any recognition in presidential polls. Instead of standing out with sound policies and clear action to empower the country, Democrats are merely flooding the ballot with options that will largely go ignored. 

That being said looking like a joke only makes things easier for President Trump to be reelected. Republicans are at least getting a good laugh. 


  1. Who really gives a rats ass ? realy, these liberal bastards ara all about the same message, socialism for America and all the demise surrounding it. Anyone on the fence about socialism, take a look at Venezuela for a glimpse of ‘as real as socialism gets’ nuff said, move on.

  2. A Democrat runs for Office, so what, is the candidate a Democratic Socialist, a Socialist Progressive, or a Democratic Communist? There so few running as a true Democrat. Want to know how you can tell? Remember, “ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country”. It was said by the last True Democrat.

  3. Rember when Republicans had about 16 candidates and the Dems went on and on about the Republican party being fractured, in chaos, unable to find one decent candidate, etc…. Hmmm… Yep, I’m Laughing!

  4. I don’t see a single democrat with a positive message for Americans. They are not worth a hill of beans. Total chaos.

  5. They are throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if something sticks. Their escalating outlandish promises have made me lose my appetite. In fact I think I can vomit.


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