Trump DESTROYS Democrat Opposition

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President Trump is taking no prisoners as he campaigns for the 2020 election. 

While in Louisiana, Trump got asked about the more than 20 Democrats attempting to run against him asking, “What the hell happened to them?”

“I’m looking at the competition,” Trump shared with the crowd. “You sort of dream about competition like that but who knows.”

The president then proceeded to have a hay day, taking down his opponents one by one. 

He began by mocking the awkward name of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg or “Boot Edge Edge,” as Trump called him. 

Trump had more to say about Beto O’Rourke’s fall from grace, asking “What the hell happened?”

“Remember about four weeks ago, he said I was made for this,” Trump added. “He was made for it. He was made to fall like a rock. What happened to him? But he’s tried to restart his campaign. That generally doesn’t work out too well.”

Trump asked the same thing of former Vice President Joe Biden. “What the hell happened to Biden?” Trump said, “I’m looking, I said that doesn’t look like the guy I knew. What happened to him?”

Trump continued by calling out “crazy” Bernie Sanders who he shared had more energy than Biden ”but it’s energy to get rid of your jobs.”

Trump almost seemed to lament that “Pocahontas” Senator Elizabeth Warren was “probably out” of the election already. 

“350 million people and that’s the best we could do. I don’t think so,” Trump concluded. “Even as Democrats, I could pick better than that.”


  1. There is not even one good hopeful in the Democrats, not one would be able to run this wonderful USA that we live in. My vote stands with our President Trump, I am on the Trump train all the way. He has done so much for our country and still more to do. If the Democrats cared for our people they would vote for the wall. They need to all be replaced especially the horrible ones running for office.

  2. Connie, he has done nothing for our country. All he has done is abolish anything good to help the earth’s atmosphere or also called climate change. The last thing he abolished was to re-open Atlantic coast to oil drilling. Both wifes he has had barely speak english. Do they need to go back where they came from?!?!? Connie, where do your ancestors come from or do you even know or care to know? Trump spreads hatred and that is what this world really needs

  3. Charlie….it looks like to me that it is only YOU who is spreading hate and mean and hateful statements about the wives our President has had in his life. Putting down the women who speak different languages, makes YOU the racist you try so hard to label our President with. This President is the best President this country has had in over 60 yrs, and has done more for our country than any before him. He’s done everything he promised to do, DESPITE Obama and Hillary paying spies to infiltrate his campaign, which is all coming out for the public to actually see. With the only things he hasn’t done yet is all because of the angry, Democratic MOB that has methodically done anything and everything they can to stall and stop all the great things he’s trying so hard to do for the country. It is you and all of your Democratic mad, hateful, and insane leaders who for 2 solid yrs have screamed “Russian collusion”…and after $25 million spent and Mueller finally releasing his report, saying there was NO COLLUSION by the President….none of you will accept his findings. When in reality, it is SO CLEAR that the ONLY ones who colluded with the Russian government was HILLARY CLINTON, with their invented out of thin air Dossier. Your comment is JUST AS CLEAR in showing your complete frustration and anger because our President has made more jobs in our nation than there are people to fill them….and has made unemployment lower than it’s been in 50 yrs. And LOWER than its EVER BEEN IN OUR HISTORY IN black unemployment. But instead of being thrilled that the country is flourishing and watching the GDP grow to unwavering heights…you are forced to complain about climate change and lower yourself to insult women who are obviously much, much smarter than yourself. You are pitiful and completely laughable.


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