De Niro DRAGGED By Sean Hannity

Image credit: foxnews

Robert De Niro got what was coming to him after blasting President Trump at the American Icon Awards.

During the ceremony to honor Al Pacino, De Niro went on to call for the impeachment and imprisonment of Trump.

Following that however Fox News Host Sean Hannity declared that De Niro had won the title of “Villian of the Day.” However he was far from done. Slamming the actor as leftist, liberal and socialist Hannitry shared that De Niro was a “very angry man” who is “just a has-been actor that has too much time on his hands.”

Hannity wasn’t the only one with something to say either with Laura Ingraham and Mark Steyn taking their own jabs. 

“Hannity, we lost the Grumpy Cat,” Ingraham said. “Ya know the Grumpy Cat died last week? Now we have a new Grumpy Cat: De Niro.”

“They should have best cranky, embittered grandpa 40 years past his acting best award ‘cause he’d be a shoo-in for that,” Steyn quipped. 

“He’d definitely be in the running,” Carlson replied, “though I would argue there are some other contenders.”


  1. All we need are Hollywood slime telling us what should be done when they cannot organize their own lives.

  2. I thought he was honoring Mr. Pacino. How low class and ignorant can you get to blather and profane the President? His days in the sun are over.

  3. I am upset for one I all ways enjoyed Mr. De Niro as an actor and a real New Yorker but his sarcastic comments about the President are crude rude and socially under acceptable really what is his problem

  4. De Niro , we all though he was a hero, then we all found out …that..he’s just a total…ZERO!!!! Multiple 0…0…0..000000!!! (s!) As an actor, a human being, a man, An American..a Patriot…etc…etc.. And he wear’s the shape of the capital L on his far head!!!

  5. I just love President Trump. I hope he can survive’s these evil doers. I will always stand by him. He has my vote Again. I use to have respect for De Niro, But that was before I heard about the trashing he gave our wonderful president.

  6. The award ceremonies need a change. Simply present the award without politics or other “look at me” comments. They aren’t fun anymore.

  7. I agree DeNiro is a very unhappy rude, and sarcastic man. I think he’s angry at himself because he’s a has been, he no longer appeals to anyone, sad.

  8. I grew up in DiNiro’s neighborhood or should I say that he grew up in mine. Anyway,he was nothing like the real neighborhood guys that he always portrays. So, I guess what I am trying to say is that all you people who gave this this guy an award for doing and acting like a hundred people I know, well I guess to me personally he’s no great actor. I can show you people who could have played those roles much more realistic and much better than him. In other words he’s no “ Neighborhood Guy” like you would find in little ITALY, or ARTHUR AVE, he’s a goddamn fake. Most neighborhood people don’t think at all like this guy. He’s a phony. So please stop playing Italian-Americans because you’re nothing like them. Just like DiBlasio is not Italian but uses the name to help himself. DiBlasio & DiNiro, 2 phony liberal idiots. He may have grown up on Spring or Prince streets but he was nothing like the people in the neighborhood. Since the neighborhood has changed ( for the worse I might add. It’s not really a neighborhood anymore) maybe he’s like the neighborhood people that are there now.

  9. Who in the hell is Hannity, sounds like a toilet paper brand, he always has his mouth open, and nothing but crap comes out of it!

  10. Di Nero has no class just another washed up actor trying score point. He really needs an ass kicking from Stallone! MAGA!!!

  11. Edward Joyce, your show your total ignorance and obvious lack of intelligence every time you post anything. If you are going to comment, at least try to throw some facts or truth in the mix instead of using third grade level insults. Then again maybe you are already reaching above your education level😏.

  12. To Edward joyce: it is obvious that you are another stupid liberal, If you don’t like watching Hannity; then why bother looking at his presentation. You should be watching the liberal’s favorite channel CNN, bunch of loosers!

  13. The magic words, actor/ actress. What do they mean. These are people who play people they are not, for our entertainment. They are not who we see on the screen. They are acting, as in phonies. I’ve enjoyed Di Nero’s movies. One of my favorite “actors”, along with others. However these people are out of touch with reality. They make a movie every now and then and make 10,20,40, million dollars. How could they possibly think that they should tell the real working class people how to vote, and when we choose someone like Trump, who is doing a great job for us they insult him. They are spoiled brats that should keep their mouths shut and their thoughts to themselves. They don’t live in the real world. Maybe the “wonderful”heads in Hollywood control what they say. Like hey Bobby, we want you to bash Trump or you’ll be making sequels to meet the parents for the rest of your life, loser!


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