Democrats Back Down On This Threat

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Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee led by Chairman Adam Schiff are changing course after reaching a deal with the Justice Department. 

Previously threatening to pursue “enforcement action” against Attorney General William Barr, the committee has wisely chosen to reverse course after being granted access to 12 categories of counterintelligence and foreign intelligence materials.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd offered to assist in expediting the committee’s request for the information, so long as the committee agreed not to take punitive action against Barr. 

It looks like the committee has decided to take advantage of the offer. Hopefully this cooperation can set an example for future collaboration on more pressing issues.


  1. You cannot cooperate with Democrats they will lie cheat and steal To get their way they are unreliable and ignorant had governing the American people

  2. So, go ahead give the Muslims in congress some of our counterintelligence. The ones telling us to bow to Allah or be destroyed or pretty much 9/11 was deserved. or Americans are stupid. What the hell is wrong with D.C., i mean if you want stupid Americans. The white house is the place to find them. Just like the president i voted for and have been pleased with,until now. Shipping all the diseased,unvetted central americans to bus stations for family to come for them. Seriously! They scattered like cockroaches. EO and send them back across. the thing was facilities were filled.ok,why were we keeping them. For show and tell. So,our tax money was taking care of them anyway. And,now it will until they die. Why bother with the wall. At this point,we are ready know they are bringing 3rd world diseases over. They do nothing but multiply. So, great job government,both sides,provide counterintelligence to a party that want to take our country down. Now, provide it with 1000s of diseases. Good Job! Come on rapture.

    • I’m right there with you. Can’t wait till our Lord returns. This government has gone stark raving mad. Leave them come in to quietly take us down. The Trojan Horse has been planted.

  3. I think Barr and Trump are a lot smarter than anyone gives them credit for. Notice how all the damning evidence about the FBI, DOJ, NSA, and CIA is being held back? They need to do this so the indictments are issued sometime next summer or fall. What do you think?

  4. Everyone needs to read Eric Hoffer’s book, “True Believers” published in 1953. He explains how people are manipulated. For example, all existing groups need to be disbanded (like marriage, religious groups, etc.). Next, self defense (notably guns) are eliminated from the populous under the guise of safety for all. Then, a group or person needs to be identified to hate. Then, a “savior” promises to solve all ills and invents an unmeasurable 3 word slogan to rally the people. It is a proven process used by every despot in history. Hitler’s Germany was taught to hate the Jews. Stalin picked America to hate. Both eliminated guns. Hitler slaughtered 5 million. Stalin slaughtered 25 million of his own. Castro hated Batista, took control, eliminated populous gun ownership, and eliminated dissidents. Venezuela, N. Korea, and on, and on.

    Now, look at the US. Remember “Hope and Change?” Now we need to hate Trump for no apparent reason. Then, there is the issue of self defense (guns). Not yet accomplished. Christianity is under constant assault, “We are no longer a Christian nation” (disband groups). It is OK to have fatherless children. Divorce rates (group dismemberment) are at an all time high. It is OK to murder defenseless babies (further breaking the family). Another technique is to dumb down and lie to the population so any “fact” will be gleefully accepted. With centralized electronic communications, this process of manipulation is made easier.

    The Us population is oblivious to being manipulated. Low IQ people will not understand any of this. Hopefully some higher IQ people will realize what’s going on right under their noses.


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