Pelosi On BLAST For Baseless Claim

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Leading Republicans are condemning Nancy Pelosi for making outrageous claims about President Trump while failing to provide any evidence. 

First to call out Pelosi for alleging that Trump was orchestrating a “cover-up” was Senate Majority Whip John Thune. 

“That is major,” Thune told the Washington Examiner. “That’s blowing things up around here. That’s kind of like dropping the nuclear bomb to come out and accuse somebody of committing a crime, and not having anything to back it up.”

Thune further added his support to President Trump echoing the sentiment that, “It’s not a good atmosphere in which to do anything that requires bipartisan cooperation.”

Sen. John Cornyn also spoke out on the matter, sympathizing with Trump over the abusive treatment the president receives from Democrats while encouraging cooperation. 

“Ms. Pelosi continues to slander him, and I can understand why he’s not happy. Sometimes tempers flare around here and emotions get pretty high, but in the end, we’ve got work to do, and I think the best thing we can do for the people we work for is to make progress where we can. But that was fairly dramatic this morning,” Cornyn said.

As the figure head of the Democrats, Pelosi should really consider putting more thought into the charges she levels at President Trump. 


  1. Pelosi is a witch. She has been a poor behaving representative for years. She back stabs people all the time and lies at every opportunity she can. She is a disgrace and a loon! She represents San Francisco area and it has become a pig sty on her watch.

  2. Pelosi is ancient,prehistoric..and more serious than that-is that she has proved,verbally to the world,that she is completely unhinged and certifiably nuts and completely unstable and an out&out liar.We can’t have idiots,liars and mentally unbalanced,delusional mental patients like Pelosi,Schumer,Shiff and leftist,communist congress in charge or running anything in Washington..or anywhere.Pelosi,Schumer and Shift are the nutcases who really need”intervention”-as lying deranged Pelosi puts it..And when Pelosi accused Trump just now of”covering up”..if I were one of the reporters there-I would’ve immediately and loudly asked Pelosi..”Covering up exactly what?..He’s been more transparent than any what exactly are you accusing him of covering up?-And what evidence do you immediately have about that?-since you couldn’t help but immediately spew out that accusation!”

  3. Her behavior is unprofessional, inappropriate, and delusional. Her followers in Congress are largely “good ol boy” politicians who would not succeed in corporate America. Sadly, their leadership style has become the norm. They don’t like DJT because he is not a career politician. His honesty and openness scares them.

  4. Pigloosie is losing her grip, she is old and is either on drugs and alcohol or both, or dementia is setting in, she stammers and half the time you have to guess what the hell she is saying, she needs to step down. Now she is fabricating crap up on Trump when she should really just shut the hell up! Where is this term limits I’ve been signing petitions on? Term limits are a must!
    Congress you really need to focus on the American tax payers that hired you, and do something constructive, you haven’t accomplished a damn thing in two and a half years, what a wastes you all turned out to be to the American citizens! Sure hope intelligent legal Americans vote the Dumocraps OUT OF OFFICE!!! Trump 2020! And return the House to more sensible members.

  5. We should all thank speaker Pelosi for her words of wisdom,lol. She is single handily taking the Democratic Party into the sewer. The more she and Schumer and their cronies talk the more people realize that they don’t want to help the American people. President Trump has made things better for ALL the people of the United States, as much as the Dems have tried to portray him as a hater of all people not like him, it simply has not been true and he has proven that with his actions. He also has exposed the Dems for what they really are. Just interested in themselves, not caring if the take us down a path to ruins

  6. While serving during the Obama administration MS. Pelosi showed her true colors and concern for the American citizen,, by costing the tax payers a bundle in travel costs for herself and her family to go from Washington to California almost weekly., and having a liquor cabinet full of the most expensive wines, liquors etc that money could buy on board the air force planes she used. President Trump stopped this for awhile. so now she is trying her best to get back at him. WE NEED TERM LIMITS FOR ALL THESE CONGRESSIONAL OFFICES, BOTH HOUSE AND SENATE!!!!!!!

  7. Pelosi is simply at the end of her delusional rope. She has been a criminal in our government every yr she has been in office..and she learned everything underhanded trick she pulls from her father. Her whole family has made themselves filthy rich for generations. Just google the “Pelosi” name in politics. President Reagan told the country this YEARS AGO!


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