Ocasio-Cortez Resorts To EXTORTION

Image Credit: Genesius Times

Just when you thought she couldn’t stoop any lower…

Just like a good little socialist, Ocasio-Cortez already wants more of your money. AOC is onboard to give herself a raise at the expense of taxpayers because lobbyists might make her take their evil, dark money or something if she doesn’t get one.

This is what she wrote:

So if taxpayers don’t give her money she’ll be forced to take “dark money”.

She really thought this was a good argument?

She might as well have replied, ‘No no, little person, it’s ok. You should pay me more while you don’t make enough because that’ll show those evil rich people!’

And if a CEO who made as much as she does in the private world decided he or she needed a raise she’d be the first one to shame them for being greedy.

All we can really do is shake our heads at this point.

Extortion at it’s finest. What are your thoughts?


  1. The congress is not doing the job they were elected to and in addition the insult of voting themselves a raise in Salary while not setting a living wage for workers in the country.

  2. The average salary for a congressperson is $174,000 per year= $14,500 a month, Is she saying she cannot get by on more than twice what I make a month living in Hawaii!! (it’s not cheap here either, yet I get by on my income.)

    Maybe if she did not live in a luxury apt. with two swimming pools, a gym, yoga studio, cycling studio, and a dog run and dog wash station, rooftop garden, concierge, security guards, etc… then perhaps she would have more left of her paycheck every month. Besides didn’t she already steal funds from her campaign? What, did you spend that all already? And we know you have received a lot more from other “sources” so stop the “poor little, poor girl from the Bronx” routine we all know you are spoiled rich kid whos only real hardship was leaving your freebie education to discover you knew so little about economics (her major) that the only job you could get was as a bartender. And let’s face it, I doubt you were hired for your expertise in preparing cocktails.

  3. A raise? For what? You haven’t done a damn thing except holler impeachment and steal funds. Even your own state doesn’t want to hear you anymore!!!

  4. SHe took a million dollar book deal financed by Soros and a ten million dollar movie deal financed by Netflix at the behest of Obama and Susan Rice….. what does ‘Dark Money’ have to do with anything while not a year in office AOC is a multi millionaire promoted by Soros and Islamists??!!
    She is pandering to gain power in the party, to leadership positions, to get even richer, and bring in Socialism and Massive disruption with 80 more Islamist activists in the 2020’s as Soros and the gay Young Turk Islamists have openly stated…. she knows as does her “Handlers” that the 7 Soros and Islamist elected in 2018 can be done again on a larger scale if DNC leadership is replaced.
    Nancy, Schumer and Schiff all face their own problems with letting Brennan try to oust a duly elected President(Gang of 8 hearings) and Soros is well aware he cam buy immoral broke stupid people @ a million each to primary a disorganized and corrupted DNC set of deeply Blue districts that have terrible voter turnout.
    To AOC’s handlers there is no way to lose having AOC espouse any and all disruption as that is their real purpose, To AOC, she is a fantastic success already, going from being a broke bartender to multi millionaire- OFF DARK MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    in primaries by Democrat voters.


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