Republican Traitor Signs Most EXTREME Bill

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How could he do this to the American people…

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott, a Republican, signed an extreme pro-abortion bill into law on Monday, permitting abortions to be performed up until the moment of birth in the state for any reason whatsoever.

The legislation, H.57, includes zero abortion restrictions. Unborn babies have detectable beating hearts at around six-weeks gestation and can feel pain as early as 20 weeks. With this law, they can be legally killed at any time during a woman’s pregnancy for any reason at all. Young girls of any age will not be required to seek parental consent before having an abortion.

“Like many Vermonters, I have consistently supported a woman’s right to choose,” Scott said in a statement. “This legislation affirms what is already allowable in Vermont – protecting reproductive rights and ensuring those decisions remain between a woman and her health care provider.”

Gov. Scott added that he “appreciate[s] the respectful tone and civility from all sides throughout this discussion.”

“This bill proposes to recognize as a fundamental right the freedom of reproductive choice and to prohibit public entities from interfering with or restricting the right of an individual to terminate the individual’s pregnancy,” H.57 reads.

“A public entity … shall not, in the regulation or provision of benefits, facilities, services, or information, deny or interfere with an individual’s fundamental rights to choose or refuse contraception or sterilization or to choose to carry a pregnancy to term, to give birth to a child, or to obtain an abortion,” the bill continues. “No State or local law enforcement shall prosecute any individual for inducing, performing, or attempting to induce or perform the individual’s own abortion.”

This new law is similar to that of New York’s Reproductive Health Act, which allows abortion until the moment of birth for essentially any reason, loosens restrictions on those who can perform abortions, and strips the unborn of any protections. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, celebrated the bill signing, as did other New York Democrat lawmakers.

The move from Scott, who is serving in a liberal state, is out of line with other Republican governors. In May, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican, signed the nation’s strictest abortion bill into law, outlawing all abortion, save an exception for the life of the mother. In a handful of other states with Republican governors, such as Ohio and Georgia, “heartbeat” bills have been signed into law, protecting the unborn with detectable heartbeats from the fatal procedure.

The sweeping pro-life legislation made its way to Louisiana, when Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, also signed a heartbeat bill into law.

Edwards said his faith directs him in supporting life, but his position also holds “personal significance”: “Nearly three decades ago, he and his wife decided to have his daughter, diagnosed as a baby with spina bifida, against the doctor’s advice to abort,” an outlet reported.


  1. He needs to be aborted, what an evil accessory to murder! Women, I pray to God you never go that far. That is murder, plain and simple, have the baby, who has rights, and adopt it out, better yet, you,’ll never have to see it again!

  2. What a piece of garbage. I hope he gets everything thats coming to his evil ways. You can say itll be karma or whatever. What God will have in store for this mini anti christ. And, the fact hes part of my party is even worse. Be prepared people. Republicans are ganging up for impeachment against the man that has done nothing .but good for this country. Civil war on its way.

  3. This scumbag, along with the scumbag from Illinois, and any one like them governing a state, should be removed, one way or the other these are scumbag humans, what did by singing that bill in to law, was give all the Whores, and tramps, especially, the young tramps, that cant keep there leg’s closed, can cheat on there mates, and if they get sloppy ion bed, all they have to do is get an abortion,to get rid of the evidence, A woman should only have TWO Choices, KEEP HER LEG”S CLOSED, OR GET STERILIZE, not the choice to comit murder, and don’t kid yourself, all these crocked scumbag, Governors, and Mayors, in these states, it all Political, they can care less about the woman, or even a living being.

  4. ‘ A woman’s right to choose’ right up to the point of birth??!! Excuse me but ‘RIght’ to choose killing the unborn isn’t a God Given Right and if this Rep believes so he must be Primar’ied so he can become just another Agnostic Atheist killer promotion demagogue!


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