Democrat’s DISGUSTING Insult To ICE

Image credit: Inside Edition

These people are securing our border…

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson compared Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to Nazi Germany.

“There are some people who would say to me, ‘now Ms. Williamson, I think this Jewish analogy, you’ve really gone too far there. This is not the same situation at all,’” Williamson said during a campaign stop. “But ladies and gentlemen, some of those people will be deported to places so dangerous that it actually is no different.”

Williamson, an author and liberal activist, doubled down on her comments when she sat down for an interview.

“I have visited the Anne Frank house. I’ve been to those places where people hid Jews in the basement,” she said. “When I think of the fear that some of these people are going through right now since the president made that announcement — where are they going to go?”

Williamson’s comments come after President Donald Trump’s announcement that ICE would soon begin apprehending “millions” of illegal immigrants living in the country.


  1. Let them go home and come back AFTER they obtain LEGAL authorization to enter our country. Just think how many Millions of Taxpayer dollars we will save per month on “Social Services” like welfare, Section-8, and food stamps.

  2. They should send Williamson’s backside south of the border too . She claims she visited Anne Frank’s home .Apparently she didnt learn a whole lot while there . She doesn’t have clue what the Jewish people dealt with during the holocaust ,and then compare it with illegal immigrants ,woman get your head out of your ass .

  3. But ladies and gentlemen, some of those people will be deported to places so dangerous that it actually is no different.” is her bias unthinking response. Let me just say, so she ignores the real problem while making more problems for US Citizens while in FACT she is only trying to garner more votes.

    She, with her cohorts have the power to stop the abuse in these abused immigrants country. We send Millions of dollars to these countries as aid, yet we demand no results, it is just a hand out. Just like we deal with Poverty in this country, look at the dollars we spend to in affect actually keep people in poverty just since the 1940’s. But also look at the results, yes our homeless have increased 10 fold, our poverty rate has increased not decreased and we just keep throwing the monies at the wall and hoping they stick. Also look at the Call our Progressive Socialist brothers and sisters are calling for, “Free College to All” what a joke? A great majority of our young graduating from High School don’t know how to make change for a 50 cent purchase when they are given a dollar.

    Local community schools are turning into incompetent higher educational colleges while major Universities take no responsibility to return on a students investment. Meaning the student gets a major debt for their education while the education does not come close to being able to repay that debt. Granted people have to take responsibility for their decisions, but I vividly remember my college orientation where in the speaker stated “look at the person on your left, then your right, as they may not graduate from this college”. That was a sobering statement that cut through the BS and went right to the point.

    In any case my point being, If you don’t bother with getting results, why waste the time and money it takes to eliminate the Problem. We give funds to “Non Profits” with not strings, we have government social services where good people are just wasting time and loosing hope, because there is not end game, it is turning into political entitlements. Vote for me an you will never work again? College for all, Insurance for all, yea just look at Social Security with the tax funds going into the general coopers, while these nuts send it over to Africa for Abortions, or give it to illegal immigrants because ” they are concerned for them?” yeh look at the homeless in LA,or San Francisco or the ghetto in your own city.

    Sorry Ms Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, you need to think for a “Change” and concentrate on the problems of this country, while demanding results for our aid to other countries, results from our Grants to non profits, and changes to our social services that garner results.


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