Trump DESTROYS Democratic Party With A Single Word

Image Credit: Politico

Trump is making sure Democrats know their place…

President Donald Trump mocked Wednesday night’s first Democratic presidential debate of 2019 as he traveled for the G-20 Summit to Japan.

Trump spoke with some soldiers at the army base during a refueling stop in Alaska, stating the discussion had already begun.

“I had my choice between you and them, and I chose you,” he told them.

Trump also panned their performance after the first segment of the discussion while talking to journalists.

“I think they all are going to do very poorly,” he said.

Trump shared his view with the public on Twitter after boarding the plane again.

“BORING,” he posted.


  1. The democrats have showed their true colors by showing their support for illegals over us Americans and Vet’s. So they need to be impeached and branded as the traitors they are !
    Also let us tax payers quit paying their salary and let the illegals they love so much pay their salary.


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