Obama’s HENCHMAN Issues Warning, Democrats PANIC

Image Credit: Politico

Democrats better tread carefully now…

If you watched any of the CNN Democratic Debate then you know that Trump wasn’t truly the individual the candidates complained about most. Oh sure, they preceded and babbled that he was SO BAD and awful and other nonsense, but Trump’s policies were not the ones they tried to take apart.

Nope. They belonged to Obama. Obamacare. Kids in cages.


It was so terrible that to protect his little buddy, Obama, even Eric Holder came out swinging.

In other words, LEAVE OBAMA ALONE.


  1. No doubt Eric Holder is still operating under cover in the “deep state”, so watch your back, guys, he means business.

  2. Yes Holder, Obama, Emmanuel, Brennan, Clapper, Hillary still all active in the deep state and still pulling strings. Maybe they should pull the hair of aoc, omar talib and pressley and show them whos the BOSS!!!!

  3. Holder is another dirty cop, right next to Mueller. Holder, Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, Brennan, Clapper and Hillary all in this corruption together. Filthy dirty pigs deserve justice quickly.

  4. Holder was a black communist just like Obama who hates America hates white people and hates our culture, and is there to enrich his own self and his communist party as if you didn’t they would’ve gotten rid of him long ago

  5. This is some scary sh*t. I can only hope that some day Americans will see Obama, Holder, Clinton, and the rest of these a$$wipes for the evil scum that they truly are. Holder’s not-so-subtle “reminder” shows what a thug he really is.


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