Mitch McConnell’s Life In DANGER By Liberals

Image Credit: Politico

Will Mitch McConnell need to be protected by the Secret Service?

Demonstrators from the far-left appeared on Monday night at Mitch McConnell’s home in Louisville, protesting the 77-year-old who is recovering from a broken shoulder after falling.

Ben Goldey, a life-long Kentuckian, published a brief video of the demonstrators on Twitter.

One individual in the clip tells they’re hoping someone will use a “voodoo doll” on McConnell.

Another person in the video says they hope somebody “just stab the mother f***er in the heart, please.”


  1. Arrest al of them and let them sit in jail until all of the current case loads are completely taken care of. Then try each on attempted murder and send to jail.

  2. It’s not the physical life but the political life of Moscow Mitch that’s at stake in November 2020. Of course the extreme right will exaggerate the jeopardy as in this article, but nobody wants to put a stake in the heart of this Dracula for real, just virtually. This guy may just be an enemy agent, whether via his wife’s Chinese connections or his own stonewalling for Trump/Putin. The House of Representatives is working overtime to draft and pass legislation for the benefit of improving America; you know, the ‘more perfect union’. They want to protect our democracy while Trump and his Attorney General Barr subvert Justice at every turn. Let’s just quietly and confidently resolve to vote in 2020 for the party and candidates who will stabilize and accelerate our nation’s business–Democrats–and mostly ignore, except in the courts and hearing rooms on Capitol Hill–the psycho-phants of Trump/Putin and Moscow Mitch who will us harm by action and inaction.

  3. These are not citizens practicing first amendment rights. They are threatening the senators life and calling for harm. They should be arrested and put under the jail with the rest of the rats! As for the Democrat candidates, it is easy, don’t vote for adamn one of them…they are trash and stupid!

  4. McConnell is not in danger by the liberals McConnell is in danger by the communist party this in this country and is controlled by the one world order billionaires so this is a planned event by the one world order billionaires will see what kind of Spine Mr. McConnell has about standing up against these scumbags on the left and protecting this country and the freedoms that many have died in Lazer lives on the line for.

  5. Where were these people from, and who paid for them to come in and protest? These political activists that stir up hatred pushing their socialist agenda should be documented as such, and if they keep showing up at these protest should be prosecuted for hate crimes themselves. We are tired of ANTIFA and other paid activists that stir up hated and violence in order to control political issues. Start Prosecuting These People !!!


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