Liberal News Host Makes MOST EXTREME Trump Accusation Yet

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Do all liberals think like this?

The crew of “Morning Joe” is really digging their past love relationship with Donald Trump deep into the memory hole. In fact, they dig so deep that they are on the brink of tunneling directly to hell.

No joke. Check out Mika Brzezinski’s take on this past weekend’s mass shootings and their aftermath:

It’s beyond pale when Donald Trump criticizes the media. But accusing the president of hoping actively for mass killing is only Real News, Mr. President.


  1. To be quite honest, this twat is NO NEWS HOST. She is a tabloid gossip monger. CNN does NOT hire journalists, they hire game pompous azzes who wouldn’t know journalism if it fell out of the sky and smacked them in their delusional heads. We can just add this ridiculous rhetoric to the never ending lies and deceit CNN is famous for embracing. Morning Joe is the most disgusting gossip show ever produced. I can fully understand how CNN keeps tanking in the ratings, they have no ethics or integrity. The only thing they are capable of is FAKE NEWS, and who does it better than CNN? No one.

  2. MSNBC lowest on the totem pole??? Surprise, surprise. CNN and MSNBC seem to be in a race to see which one sinks the lowest. That is the goal because neither one is budging one iota up. No where to go but down. But it seems to me they both hit rock bottom. Game over.

  3. If you want mass murders, blame the wide open borders that the criminal Democrat Party Mob will let in with their wide open borders with no one knowing who they are including terrorists and no border patrol to stop them!!! We have 1000 morDe massacres as a result!!!….

  4. I think this woman needs psychiatric treatment. She is so delusional
    she could easily be considered dangerous, even to herself. It is interesting
    she and those like her, extremely mental, have not been hospitalized
    for their mental problems.

  5. Ya’ll created a bunch of monsters and they will come back to haunt you….
    Thank You – seems like everyone has forgotten the accessory part…..But they themselves have conveniently stated too many times that “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”.
    Conway = Another POS who wants to be on the inside but was DENIED…
    The only “White Supremacists” here are the dems and their MSM buddies…..
    Hmmmm – schumer (chuckles) supporting the trade war with china should tell ya a lot…
    The dems intend to steal the election and use middle america in the struggle….
    By the way – Google was just LOADED on your TV system to monitor and target deplorable s..
    Nah – Epstein didn’t commit NOTHING – they offed his a** because he knew too much about everyone in DC and the states because HE HELPED PUT THEM THERE AND TOOK CARE OF THEIR PERVERT SIDE…..


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