Nadler Frantically Pushes For New Bill To Pass BEFORE Labor Day

Image Credit: Fox News

He’s officially lost his mind…

On Thursday’s broadcast of the “Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler (D-NY) indicated that it is “more likely than not”  for the committee to vote on multiple weapon suggestions before the end of the district work period.

Nadler stated, “[W]e’re very actively considering calling the committee back into session before — during the district work period to consider bills on banning high-capacity magazines, banning assault rifles, certain provisions to make sure that people convicted of hate crimes or domestic violence can’t get guns, and various other suggestions have been made by our members and others. So, I think we — more likely than not, we’ll have a committee meeting to vote [on] some of these bills before the end of the — before Labor Day — before the end of the district work period.”


  1. Nadler is out of tune with his brain, his colleagues, and America! I’m not sure how he got to his position since he doesn’t understand the law very well or the Constitution. He has no basis for impeachment, the inferences that he and his merry band are relying upon have all been deposed by law and investigation. The Democrats are quite frankly looney as they can be and not capable of filling the offices that hold!

  2. Typical, the dimwit head of the Judiciary committee doesn’t know spit. Anyone with a Domestic Violence conviction CANNOT buy a firearm, anyone with a Hate-crime conviction CANNOT buy a firearm, in fact anyone with almost any felony conviction CANNOT buy a gun. Consider that 80% of all crimes committed with a firearm were committed with an ILLEGAL weapons. How ya gonna get those illegally obtaining weapons to follow the law? I figured as much ya ignorant twit.

  3. Jerry nadler is a little man, with a little man complex, he has a big fat neck and belly, wears his pant up where his “man breasts are, jerry can’t find nor has he seen his little man part in years, he is a wimp looking to be relevant! jerry you are a wimp, punk!

  4. Nadler has lost his so called mind and is trying to play a stupid game of pass the bill which he won’t het done. He is being outright STUPID now

  5. It is beyond understanding that Mr Nader nor his political cohorts do not have common sense enough to get off the gun grabbing kick and do something positive to control guns ending up in the wrong hands. Guns shoot bullets, one bullet can kill, someone has to put that one bullet in a gun, but lets not stop the person lets take the gun from him/her/it so they can use a bomb. His thinking is just like the Red confiscation law, it take right away from ordinary citizens without due process.

    It really blows my mind how so many people just do not think, reason, or produce legislation that matters and solves the problem, not add to it. If Mr Nader and his cohorts think that either of these two people who just caused the heinous crimes would not have done something else if they did not have a gun, they need to be inconcerated themselves because they are a danger to society.

  6. I wouldn’t pass anything this man pushes. He is disreputable and a poor excuse for a
    representative of the people. He should be removed from Congress

  7. What would the Judiciary Committee be doing considering gun control legislation? Under Nadler, they seem to be a completely lawless and rogue committee taking up things that are in no way within their purview.

  8. No legislation will stop the NUTS that ya’ll have created….Only LEO’s can and will stop them….
    Thank You – seems like everyone has forgotten the accessory part…..But they themselves have conveniently stated too many times that “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”.
    Conway = Another POS who wants to be on the inside but was DENIED…
    The only “White Supremacists” here are the dems and their MSM buddies…..
    Hmmmm – schumer (chuckles) supporting the trade war with china should tell ya a lot…
    The dems intend to steal the election and use middle america in the struggle….
    By the way – Google was just LOADED on your TV system to monitor and target deplorable s..
    Nah – Epstein didn’t commit NOTHING – they offed his a** because he knew too much about everyone in DC and the states because HE HELPED PUT THEM THERE AND TOOK CARE OF THEIR PERVERT SIDE…..

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