2020 Candidate SPEWS HATRED Towards Trump

Image Credit: CNN

This is unacceptable.

On Sunday’s “Face the Nation,” a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) claimed the American citizens were “so sick and tired of waking up in Donald Trump’s reality television show.”

Partial transcript as follows:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Alright, well you tweeted this week that if you are elected you promise voters that they won’t have to think about you for at least two weeks. Is it a hard strategy to try to get people to be passionate about being moderate?

BENNET: I think that people are so sick and tired of waking up in Donald Trump’s reality TV show. I think they’re sick of a president who’s dividing us. I mean it’s very clear what he’s trying to do. He acquired power by dividing the American people against themselves. He’s trying to hold onto the power by doing the same thing and every day he just tries to keep the reality TV show alive. I think Americans want to go on with their lives. They want to build their businesses, they want to raise their children, they don’t want to wake up, you know, feeling like we’re on the cusp of some crazy new thing with North Korea or Iran or- or that- you know, the president is tweeting out conspiracy theories about somebody who killed themselves in New York. They want a president who is actually doing their job so they can do their job confident that we leave the country in a better place for our kids and grandkids and- and- and confident that we’ve situated America’s leadership in this world again. So that’s what I meant by that. I think that people can check in every two weeks and see how I’m doing.


  1. Where the hell does this “dividing” crap come from except for pissed off Democrats. They are the dividers and the biased dinks. They should be very careful about starting any race wars or class wars because the kind of class they speak of isn’t just about money; it’s philosophical.That is where they will lose. Many proponents of the Second Amendment are not very wealthy but are not part of the class looking to take down the rich.You can only take them once and then the resources are gone, used up and can’t be re-created since there will be no capital to re-initiate anything. Look at what happened to Russia after the revolution and try that idiot in Zimbabwe, who took all the farms from the white and then he had to import food when as Rhodesia it was an exporter. South Africa is attempting the same thing. The ANC is reverting to what mandela was in the first place, A Communist. Google it!!!

  2. HaaaaHaaaHaaaHaaaaaaaa! Funny. So the lazy do-nothing Dems will —do nothing for weeks after the election. So what else is new?

    I hate to tell him this, but the only ones who have not “gone on with their lives” in America since the 2016 election are the Democrats!
    Get over it and try reallllllly hard to come up with Something, Anything, that you could actually DO to improve the lives of American Citizens (not illegals) and someone might even listen to you.
    Otherwise-Shut up.

  3. I am sick of seeing these DemoCommunist butt holes try to tear our Country apart it is time we stepped in and removed them from every Pitical Office immediatly.


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