Trump DEBUNKS Recession Rumors

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MSNBC needs to stick to facts…

President Donald Trump said he’s “prepared for everything”  but “most economists” don’t believe there’s a recession on the horizon as increasing fears of slowdown continue.

“We are doing tremendously well,” the President told reporters. “Consumers are rich. I gave a tremendous tax cut. And they’re loaded up with money. I saw Walmart numbers through the roof, better than any poll,” he stated.

The remarks come in the context of worries about a worldwide financial slowdown that could possibly threaten Trump’s bid for reelection in 2020. The economy has been a significant point of discussion for the president, who often invokes his development as a manner of boosting the popularity of his administration. While the US economy stays stable for now, five of the world’s largest economies are at danger of recession, and a week of whiplash on Wall Street has spurred concerns that the US economy could also be torn down.

Trump admitted on Sunday that economies all over the world “do not do well as we do, the rest of the world, if you look at Germany, if you look at the European Union, frankly, look at the UK, look at many countries, they’re not doing well.” Trump added that “most economists actually say we won’t have a recession.”

Trump said the US has alternatives for dealing with a recession, but it would only occur if it had no option but to take on China.

“If I wanted to make a bad deal and settle on China, the market would go up. But it wouldn’t be the right thing to do,” he clarifies. “I’m just not ready to make a deal, China would like to make a deal, I’m not ready.”

Two top financial advisors from the White House brushed off concerns of a brewing global recession, instead boasting about Trump’s state of the US economy.

“No, I don’t see a recession. And let me add just one theme … Just one theme. We’re doing pretty darn well, in my judgment. Let’s not be afraid of optimism,” Larry Kudlow, the White House’s chief economic adviser stated. In a separate incident, Kudlow told host Dana Perino that he didn’t see a recession “at all.”

Peter Navarro, White House trade advisor, brushed off worries about an impending recession.

Trump tweeted that the US economy is “the best in the world,” claiming it is “Poised for big growth after trade deals are completed.”


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