Innocent Trump Supporter STRIPPED By Pageant Authorities

Image Credit: Summit News

This should not be allowed to happen…

A pageant competitor for Miss America has allegedly been disqualified as a vocal fan of Trump. For supposedly “mixing pageant and politics,” the now-former Miss Nevada 2019, Katie Williams, said she was stripped of her title over the weekend.

Williams stated that she was allowed by pageant authorities to participate with her sash to political events and establish a distinct Facebook page for her pageant operations. The beauty queen thinks that she is being attacked for her conservative beliefs, adding that if she had more liberal opinions then her messages on social media would not be a problem.

“I’ve spent so many years of my life wondering what people thought of me, that I’m just at a point in my life that I don’t care and so I don’t apologize — not today, not tomorrow, not ever — because that is who I am, and if you don’t like it you don’t have to follow me,” she stated.

Williams said she would continue fighting against the conditions described by the pageant, requiring her to remain quiet about her disqualification.


  1. So apparently she was not only stripped of her title – those who did so are not giving her a valid reason and even worse are “prohibiting” her from speaking out about it. But the left will continue to claim that there is no censoring of opinions that they don’t agree with.

  2. So has anyone checked all the other pageant contestants to see if they use their crown and sash to promote their political agendas left or right? Is it in the rules that you cannot talk about politics as a pageant rep? If it is not outlined directly then they cannot make it up later. As for the pageant did the refund her money? NO of course not, but the Miss America pageant ends up costing thousands of dollars for contestants to participate and hope for the chance to win the crown and scholarship. So did they return all the money she put into entry fees, hair, makeup, clothing, travel, promotion, preparation/coaching, etc. ? If not she should Sue!

  3. This is just another Soros funded attempt to destroy people who have supported Donald Trump these Pageant Butt holes need to be stripped of their jobs and all benefits for their Trump Derangement Mental Illness.


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