Former CIA Director DROPS BOMB On Trump, Doesn’t Expect THIS

Image Credit: Washington Post

This is not a good look for him especially being a former CIA director…

John Brennan, former CIA director, took another shot at President Trump, telling MSNBC on Monday that overseas rulers have a slew of adverse opinions about him.

“I think they realize that he is way, way out of his depth,” Brennan told MSNBC host Chris Hayes, “that he is incompetent, but also that he is somewhat delusional as far as how he views the world and his inability to grasp the reality of the geo-strategic situation around the globe today.”

Comments from Brennan came as Trump met at the G-7 Summit with major, industrialized nations.

The former CIA chief, who now serves as a senior analyst for NBC News and MSNBC, said that the world was trying to “handle Trump the best they can.” He went on to say he missed being in the intelligence field because he would “love” to find out what foreign leaders say about Trump behind the scenes.

Trump was criticized for promoting Russia’s idea of rejoining the G-7. Initially, the country left the organization in the midst of debate concerning its choice to annex Crimea in 2014.

“Donald Trump still does not grasp the seriousness of what it is that [Vladimir] Putin has done,” Brennan said, “not only to Ukraine but also the fact that he interfered in our election, continues to support the genocide of President Assad in Syria — all of these transgressions that have come from the Russians.”

Brennan argued that Trump should be “coming down hard” on the Russian leader rather than giving him the “benefit of the doubt.”

Brennan has a history of attacking Trump during appearances on television. For instance, in April, Brennan derided from the president what he called “sociopathic ramblings.”

“I don’t think it’s surprising at all that we continue to hear the sociopathic ramblings of Mr. Trump claiming that there was this effort to try to prevent him from being elected or to unseat him,” he said.

That followed remarks in which Trump criticized Brennan and other former high-ranking officials in intelligence and law enforcement.


  1. Brennan!
    You have to be the Dumbest man ever spawned from IRISH LOINS!
    President Trump walks out the G7 a winner on all counts even China & Iran
    and yet you are STUPID ENOUGH to make that comment on the international media???

    THE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT YOU and waiting to see you get indicted!

  2. I think that John Brennan is a communist and will soon be in jail for his crimes. The fool is not smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

  3. This bozo thinks he is smart but far from it! He is a nasty SOB and no way in the same league as President Trump. If there is anyone in the world who thinks they are superior to Trump they better keep it quiet and not challenge him.

  4. “He went on to say he missed being in the intelligence field because he would “love” to find out what foreign leaders say about Trump behind the scenes.”

    Didn’t he just try to convince us that he knows what foreign leaders are saying about Trump? He’s not much of a spy guy if he can be found out that easily.

  5. Brennan, Hitler-y, Eric Holder, Comey, Pelosi and the rest of them. They were in Jerusalem in the famous stoning pit. Mother Mary was there and had in her hand a hefty rock. As she was ready to send these sand adders to where they belonged things grew dark. Thunder and lightning the entire world was rebeling all at once. Out of the dark sky appeared a golden elevator. Coming down these stairs was you guessed it Christ OH might himself. He walked up to Mother Mary and while staring into her eyes removed the projectile from her grip. The rock hit the ground with a thud. They both got on the elevator and ascent into clouds from hence they came. The crowd made out the last words that Jesus said to Mary. Now mother you are going to have to stop doing things like this!

  6. Brennan’s own wife was ecstatic when Brennan finally got a fulltime Job. Recruited by a chain of people only one person separated from a convicted Russian double agent, I believe still in prison today, one wonders why the assistant to the spy/Russian double agent, recruited Brennan… whom had been to Communist meetings. Gee… I wonder if CNN will ever cover that story.
    We know Brennan actually registered as a Communist, attended communist meetings well before becoming a CIA operative, was requited by a Russian Spies assistant.. into the CIA… but yeah,,, Trump Russia Trump Russia Trump Russia Trump Russia…. on and on and on.. perhaps we might ask why Obama appointed Brennan, a once registered communist as director of the CIA…. but Trump Russia Trump Russia Trump Russia ect ect…..
    But lets talk about Bernie… who’s wife was ecstatic when he finally got a job at the age of 40…. and honeymooned in Russia…. and is a well known socialist….
    Or Hillary and Russian Uranium one..
    Or Mueller and carrying Uranium..
    There certainly lots of viable and plainly obvious Russian connections…. maybe Brennan just happened to miss all those connections… Hmmm?


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