BREAKING: Ilhan Omar’s Love Affair Involved MUCH More Than Sex

Image Credit: Daily Wire

How could any true American politician do what she did…

Rep. Ilhan Omar made it clear on Tuesday that she doesn’t want to talk about the latest controversy to swallow her life and campaign.

The New York Post stated on Tuesday that Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett, a doctor based in Washington, D.C., had submitted for separation from her spouse — Tim Mynett, a Democratic activist working for Omar’s campaign — after he disclosed in April that he was having an affair with Omar.

A reporter from WCCO-TV, the Minneapolis CBS station in Omar’s district, approached Omar about the affair.

“Are you separated from your husband? Are you dating somebody?” reporter Esme Murphy asked.

“No, I am not,” Omar responded. “And like I said yesterday, I have no interest in allowing the conversation about my personal life to continue and so I have no desire to discuss it.”

Whether or not the private lives of a politician should be addressed in public — after all, they are government representatives — there are legal issues concerning the supposed connection of Omar, specifically linked to the cash that her campaign invested on Mynett’s consulting company, the E Street Group, facilities.

As the Washington Examiner pointed out, “Nearly one of every three dollars spent on Ilhan Omar’s campaign has gone to her alleged lover’s firm.”

The Examiner explained:

Of the $145,406 reported earnings by the E Street Group during the 2018 campaign cycle, $62,674 came from Omar’s campaign. Not counting payroll taxes and transfers to Minnesota’s Democratic Party, E Street Group was Omar’s second-largest vendor, according to FEC data. From Labor Day through the end of the year, E Street Group ate up more than 10% of her campaign’s spending (not counting transfers to other campaigns).

Here’s the odd thing: The overwhelming majority of Omar’s funds spent on the E Street Group were paid after she won the contested primary and during the totally noncompetitive general election race in her D+26 district. Contrary to FEC rules, Omar’s filings did not designate whether her E Street Group disbursements (or any of her disbursements) were for the primary election or the general election.

The Omar campaign payments to the E Street Group, often reported as “fundraising consulting” fees on her FEC filings, have accelerated in the 2020 cycle. Her campaign has spent $160,000 at E Street this year, the campaign off year. That’s nearly one in every three dollars spent on her reelection (again, not including transfers to other campaigns or committees) going to her alleged lover.

A conservative watchdog group, the National Legal and Policy Center, has already filed a request with the Federal Election Commission because the supposed affair coincides with many of Omar’s campaign payments to E Street Group for such stuff as travel reimbursement.

Using campaign money to support an affair would be a breach of FEC laws.

The Daily Mail reported in July that Omar had separated from her spouse, Ahmed Hirsi, and they were heading for their second divorce.



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