Traitorous PA STABS Trump In The Back

Image Credit: New York Post

This traitor deserves whatever is coming…

Having been subjected to leaking delicate data to Maggie Haberman of the New York Times, private assistant to the president, Madeleine Westerhout, has resigned.

Westerhout allegedly disclosed to the mainstream media journalist information about the president’s family lives and White House activities, while talking with a cabal of legacy media operatives at an allegedly ‘off-the-record’ event. She resigned abruptly on Thursday, and reports indicate she won’t be allowed to return to the White House.

Sources indicate that MSNBC journo Philip Rucker played a part in exposing Westerhout as a legacy media leaker within the Trump administration.

Westerhout was one of the President’s closest White House staff, and her resignation / firing is yet another obvious instance of troubling staffing methods in Trump administration.

Apparently, the former RNC employee was renowned for Donald Trump’s dislike to the extent that accounts indicate she even wept at the 2016 election night, seemingly disturbed that Trump-the Republican nominee- won in a landmark instant win.

The president was said to suspect her dedication to his groundbreaking pro-American political agenda, but she discovered a way to lock down an important and powerful role within the administration regardless. Establishment sympathizers such as former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly were said to use Westerhout in order to stifle the President’s populist agenda, relying on her to block White House access for Trump supporters who actually supported the President’s agenda.

Some of Trump’s loyalists within the administration were pleased to hear of Westerhout’s exit, long suspecting that she didn’t actually support the President who she was working for.

Now that Westerhout has departed, hopefully the President will look to bring in a real Trump supporter as his personal assistant, a White House position with wide-ranging and influential access to the Commander-in-Chief himself.


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