Black Trump Supporter Offers Liberals “Cure for White Guilt”

Image Credit: Politico

You’ll never believe what he said they should do…

At an anti-ICE demonstration, a black Trump fan appeared asking liberals to assuage their white guilt by offering him reparations that he would then deliver to Trump’s 2020 campaign.

The stunt occurred at NYC’s Grand Central Station.

“If you’re a white liberal or Democrat pay me reparations because ya’ll saying I deserve it – not that I want it – but ya’ll saying I deserve it and I will immediately turn it over to the Trump campaign,” said the man.

“They told me they’re trying to buy my vote but you won’t get my vote, my vote is going here to Trump 2020,” he added.

“If you have white guilt, I have a cure for your white guilt – put your money in my bank account and you will be healed,” the man suggested.

There was little reaction from white liberals filming the scene but to laugh nervously.



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