Ilhan Omar SPITS In Trump’s Face By Doing THIS

Image Credit: Washington Times

She thinks the whole world revolves around her. Little does she know, justice is about to be served…

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar retweeted a message Tuesday evening claiming to have been the greatest hurdle since day one for President Donald Trump.

The fact that the first image is of @IlhanMN shows you that she’s been Trump’s biggest obstacle from day 1. She’s been living in his head rent free this whole time. #ImpeachmentNow

— Luulaay (@zamzampappi) September 25, 2019

The retweeted tweet came in response to Trump tweeting a video featuring a variety of Democrats calling for the president to be impeached and citing Omar saying, “in the question of impeachment it’s about time.”

The video ends with the message “while the Democrats ‘sole focus’ is fighting Trump, President Trump is fighting for you.” This compilation was published amid House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying Tuesday that she is starting an investigation into the president

Rep. Omar had previously made headlines, including retweeting someone who proposed that Republican Kentucky Sen Rand Paul be attacked by his neighbor, as well as retweeting someone who said her remarks on Israel were equal to calling Jews “hook-nosed.”

Omar raised questions when she deleted a tweet that revealed her father’s name, which seemed to give more credence to the idea that her ex-husband, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, is her brother—especially when the explanation was met with several contradictions.



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