Ilhan Omar Believes THESE People Deserve DEATH

Image Credit: the dc patriot

This is completely insane! She has fallen too far and does not deserve to be a politician…

Rep. Ilhan Omar sent a tweet on Monday including an ACLU clip calling for the cancelation of the Hyde Amendment — which prohibits the use of Medicaid resources to pay for abortions except in families of rape and incest — and stating all Americans deserve “guaranteed access” to abortion.

“Every American deserves guaranteed access to healthcare, including abortion,” said Omar. The only way to do that is repeal the Hyde Amendment and pass #MedicareForAll.”

The ACLU clip included in Omar’s tweet demonstrates a number of Democratic presidential candidates if they are in favor of repealing Hyde Amendment.

It also includes a quote attributed to Rep. Henry Hyde (R.-Ill.) in 1977.

“I certainly would like to prevent, if I could legally, anybody from having an abortion, a right woman, a middle-class woman, or a poor woman,” said Hyde.


  1. The Koran tells all Muslims to kill bob-believers. This is one way to eliminate non-believers rapidly. Her and the rest of the “squad” are TOTALLY Anti-American and should be deported back to their countries.

    • Omar should be deported to Somalia IMMEDIATELY and see how this despicable dirt bag survives
      She is a true disgrace to America
      Wake up people in this MINNESOTA DISTRICT

  2. Omar needs to be a One Termer. Along with the other members of Team Tampax, Kotex Quartet, Foul Four, Squalid Squad, Dildo Debutanttes, or the Four Whores of the Pox Among Us, or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves this week.


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