Pelosi HITS Trump With A DIRTY Shot

Image credit: Business Insider

This is low, even for Pelosi…

Recently during a speech to the South Carolina Democratic Party in Greenville, SC, after talking about impeachment and the coming election, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mentioned a meme that was mocking President Trump.

“Now we have an election coming up,” Pelosi declared. “How many people have said to you, ‘This is the most important election of our time’? Well, this is. But I leave the other subject, I just have to tell you this one thing a cartoonist told me today. There’s this meme going around, and I’m saying, ‘Donald, you used to own a casino. You know the House always wins.’”


  1. What she is really saying they will do or say anything to get him out of the WH no matter whether legal or illegal. She wants to be the President so bad and does not give a damn if it hurts the country! She thinks they can come up with another scam to remove Trump and then go after VP Pence. We all know or should know she is part of the evil and corrupt Deep State Democrats and that include some back stabbing Rhinos. True patriot Americans need to all ban together and support our POTUS as he is trying to do what he promised. Like him or not that is not a valid reason to allow these Democrats to frame him or his family. Let’s focus on what’s good for our country and also drain this corrupt Democratic Swamp. Trump is still doing good things for our country even with all of these evil and corrupt politics.

  2. Nasty, what will we find with You and Your Son Paul’s Board Appointment in the Ukraine? Is this why the Dimocrats are trying to impeach our President….to prevent all the pay to plays within the Obama Administration from being uncovered? Hmmmm.

  3. She is not known as the Wicked Witch of the West for nothing, but what is ironic is that there is absolutly no comment from the liberal bias media that question her knowing about the whistle blower before and what his/her complaint was prior to reading the script, or the accusations. Strange? Not really, these jackass’s are exerts at changing the dialog or misrepresenting anything and it gets full media coverage like it was written on a stone. It is absolutely amazing to me how so many people continue to keep their heads in the sand, while these so called democratic leaders are leading them to Socialism. It is not sick, it is insane.


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