China’s CHILLING Message To America

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There could be trouble if this blows out of proportion…

Global Times, the Chinese government newspaper, urged “global brands” to “make their members speak cautiously” on Chinese political issues in reaction to ongoing controversy over an NBA executive lending support to pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong.

Daryl Morey, general manager of Houston Rockets, caused a firestorm by the Communist Party this weekend by clearly tweeting “fight for freedom; stand with Hong Kong,” a statement aimed at promoting the nonviolent anti-communist movement that has seen daily demonstrations there since June.

Amid criticism by the Communist Party and its puppets in Chinese society, social media and the NBA itself, the NBA has issued a statement condemning Morey merely for questioning a country’s ideology that reportedly retains a million-strong concentration camp population. The NBA has established a training camp in the same province as the concentration camps.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver tried to reverse Morey’s criticism after American indignation stunned that an American sports league would suppress free political expression, particularly one that has spent years promoting political debate among its athletes and stars. In reaction to the uproar, the Chinese government continues to pressure broadcasting providers to suspend NBA game broadcasts.

In an article titled “Global Brands Better Stay Away from Politics,” the Global Times warned Americans, and international actors, that Chinese authoritarian speech restrictions now apply worldwide and any protests in the name of free speech are “ridiculous.”

“Daryl Morey, general manager of the NBA team the Houston Rockets, has obviously gotten himself into trouble,” the article lamented, calling Morey’s skill at his job “simply too poor” for challenging an authoritarian regime.

“Commercial and cultural organizations which engage in transnational operations should manage their attitudes and statements over sensitive issues. Impulsive words can easily trigger a backlash,” the newspaper advised. “Respecting customers is a universal business rule. Morey has to choose between safeguarding his individual freedom of speech and protecting the Rockets’ commercial interests by respecting the feelings of Chinese fans. When he opted for the former, the Rockets will have to make a second choice from the perspective of the team.”

The Global Times called Americans “ridiculous” for defending freedom of speech, especially targeting 2020 Democratic candidate Andrew Yang for criticizing China.

“Morey does have the freedom to praise Hong Kong protesters, just like the Chinese fans also have the freedom to abandon the Rockets,” the Times claimed. “The problem is that Morey’s freedom is at the expense of Rockets’ huge commercial interests, which the team is unwilling to give up.”

The newspaper went on to insist that the controversy “has nothing to do with the Chinese government” – even though the Chinese government controls all aspects of the country’s relationship with the NBA and heavily regulates speech, meaning Chinese “fans” say only what the government legally allows them to. The Global Times then dared accuse the United States of using “ideological pressure” against the Houston Rockets to keep them from surrendering to China.

“The biggest lesson which can be drawn from the matter is that entities that value commercial interests must make their members speak cautiously,” the article concluded. “Chinese consumers are not overly sensitive. Wherever it is, touching a raw political nerve is extremely risky.”

The Global Times did not always oppose corporations getting into politics. Last year, it applauded the athletics company Nike for hiring communist former football player Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson on the heels of his remarks about race in America, which echo the Communist Party’s criticisms of the United States.

“Companies often shy away from politics, but in the commoditized sneaker trade, it’s a risk worth taking,” the Global Times claimed then, predicting, “there will be more like Nike.”

The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, painted Morey as a victim of “the constant barrage of western reports” that have “glorified” the Hong Kong protest movement.

“For many Americans, the western methods are the best solution for state governance, while the Chinese system, totally different from its western counterparts, is deemed as a rebel against orthodoxy,” the People’s Daily claimed. “Such biased reports can satisfy many readers, while those who impartially speak for China will be tagged as ‘pro-communism’ types.” The People’s Daily also highlighted the NBA’s craven profit-driven agenda – not as the reason for forcing Morey to apologize for defending democracy, but for the backlash against them:

Western hypocrisy is also a contributing factor. Leaders in the sports, business as well as financial industries and more that side with Morey are all profit-driven. Though always talking about democracy and freedom, it is the financial benefits that they are really craving for. They would do anything to become rich, let it be lies, blackmails, or bullying. There are those American entrepreneurs who have earned a great fortune in China yet still stand with the US politicians in the trade war against China, they are good examples.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry is attempting to take a back seat to the nation’s propaganda outlets and armies of online belligerents.

“I suggest they pay attention to the reaction of the ordinary Chinese people,” foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told reporters on Monday, referring to the NBA. Geng did warn China would “firm and powerful measures to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and security,” without elaborating.

The NBA initially appeared to stand firmly with the repressive communist regime against its own employee.

“We recognize that the views expressed by Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey have deeply offended many of our friends and fans in China, which is regrettable,” the league said in a statement. “We have great respect for the history and culture of China and hope that sports and the NBA can be used as a unifying force to bridge cultural divides and bring people together.”
Commissioner Adam Silver attempted to walk back the statement following near-universal condemnation in America, however, calling the NBA a “values-based organization.”

“I want to make it clear … that Daryl Morey is supported in terms of his ability to exercise his freedom of expression,” Silver said. He did not specify who exactly Morey is supported by, exactly.


  1. The fat rats in da’ NBA, together with the rest of their elitist cowards who – like whores – will much rather bend over for $$$$ to that of the whims of their “homie-commies” of China; these need to keep in mind that .. the “communist ideology” will never accept anything near close to the idea of “democracy”. Them Chinese people who have the power and the absolute control over the common people in their society, these do happen to know – all too well – of the greediness that drives – not only – the many of our USA’s business people, their corporations and, most certainly, including some of “our” corrupt politicians. The Chinse know of the type of “US Americans” whose love for money is much, much bigger than their love for our (USA) Nation. Today, I just wonder if ex-president Bill Clinton or any of them “democrats” have any regrets about the (mid 1990s) time of day when he gave our USA’s missile technology to China. And, still, makes me wonder about what the Clintons may have gotten in exchange for such a treasonous act. A few years later, crooked, lying Hillary Clinton and her shady deals, ended up “selling” our US’s uranium to the (enemy) Russians; while her thieving, treasonous boss, Obama not only made a “poor joke of a deal” with the (enemy) Iranians, but also gave them a plane’s load of cash in the process. So, it’s not just the “business people” who’ve been selling and betraying our people and Country. For, typically, it’s long been “our” very own politicos, mainly found inside the liberal progressives of the “democrats’ party” , as well as some known republicans .. those, the old parasites in Congress whose decades of bad deals with China and other foreign countries, have been so negative for all of the common taxpayer US American, but not bad at all for them corrupt politicians’ own personal bank accounts. There’s no denying it, but the fact stands in that, many a corrupt politician amongst “our” so called public servants, have always been ready to (secretly) sell us all out, sell our Nation. And – for the right ($$$) price – they wont hesitate in being there to provide a helping hand .. even to the sworn enemies of our Constitutional Republic. May GOD save the USA and let us pray and hope that POTUS Trump can DRAIN THE DC SWAMP


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