Meghan McCain COMPLETELY DESTROYS Fellow Republican

Image Credit: Decider

How could she…

On Thursday’s coverage of ABC’s “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain condemned the Wednesday hearings where Rep. Matt Gaetz lead a group of his fellow Republican lawmakers to march in and interrupt the “impeachment inquiry” of the House Intelligence Committee.

McCain said, “Matt Gaetz, when did you become a TV star or want to be a TV star? You want to do that? Get the hell out of Congress, get a TV job.”

Co-host Joy Behar said, “No one’s going to hire him. He’s boring.”

McCain added, “Publicity-stunt politics and commentary is the lowest common denominator, most reductive form of politics. I hate it more than anything else.”


  1. M. McCain is a RINO pig, anti-Trump slut. She couldn’t spread her daddies BS on Fox so she went to the View. She is an abject failure as a TV personality and a person.

  2. Nobody listens to her. She is a liberal like her father and also a true hater of all things good. She is one miserable bitch who cant even stand up for herself against these stupid moronic view liberals. And Abby Huntsman is falling right in line with them. When she left fox her true colors came out the minute she took this job on the view and she is a waste of time.

  3. Meghan McCain is the TV star, not Gaetz. She is the queen of “The View” which
    is not a positive mark for her. She is a vindictive cow and is a Rino just like her
    father. I appreciated her father’s service to this country but he was not any more
    of a hero than any of the other prisoners in the Cong camps. We haven’t heard
    any of them being touted as heroes. Meghan is losing her validity and no one
    wants to hear her mouth any longer.

  4. That entire comment with Joy is ASININE!! What they did had nothing to do with getting on frigging T.V. If it had been me I’ve have “taken” the door!!!


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