College On “LOCKDOWN” After THIS Happens

Image Credit: HBCU Buzz

Was this really needed?

Students at Benedict College were apparently told to stay in their dormitories during President Donald Trump’s campus visit on Friday, while the president was given the “Bipartisan Justice Award” for his efforts on the overhaul of criminal justice.

Benedict College students say school officials told them to sit in their dorm rooms when President Trump gave a speech at the historically black college on Friday, according to a report by the State.

“Once the president arrives on campus, students are pretty much being told to stay in our dorms,” said senior Kevin Reese to the State. Another Benedict student, sophomore Nia Byas, described the campus as being on “lockdown.”

The request that students stay in their dormitories was part of a “safety plan” allegedly created by administrators at Benedict College with the help of the Secret Service, according to the school’s spokeswoman, Kymm Hunter, who added that classes had also been canceled, but that “if anyone needed to go to work or to another building, it was not a problem.”

The report added that from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., students were told to stay in their dorms.

Some may consider the Benedict College officials’ dormitory request surprising, given that the prominence of President Trump among black Americans has recently increased since the 2016 election, with Trump’s National Diversity Coalition’s executive director Bruce LeVell forecasting that the president will gain even higher levels of support among the black community by 2020.

Reese, who said he’s neither a supporter nor a president’s critic, told theState that while he acknowledged the school’s need for security, he saw no reason why officials couldn’t protect a small campus like Benedict, as the president frequently talks at massive events in other venues.

“Sure, I would love to go to the event,” said Reese. “Just to hear a sitting president, I wouldn’t want to miss that.”


  1. What kind of college administration would prevent a one in a life time event not be attended by the students. Fire every one of them and put a staff in that is not anti American and anti freedom. They must be idiot racist low lifes. If any federal funds are provided to this college then it should be stopped immediately until American administrators are in place.


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