Hollywood Star Goes TOO Far With Trump Insult

Image Credit: Bloody Disgusting

This is sick and unpatriotic…

Once again, Hollywood’s left-wing actor Robert De Niro lashes at President Donald Trump, calling him “dangerous” and predicting that he will “ruin” the US.

“He’s beyond a horrible person. I went on television the day after he was elected and I said, ‘I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt,’” De Niro said in a newly-released interview with British GQ. “But he’s worse than we ever thought he would be. He’s an idiot. He’s a fool. He’s a buffoon. He’s silly. He’s tacky. He’s dangerous.”

The Goodfellas star then blamed fans of the president’s former reality television program — The Apprentice — for creating what he claims is a  “monster” in the White House.

“That stupid show The Apprentice, people bought it. They buy into it…They created a monster,” he lamented.

Asked if President Trump has “blood on his hands” for the shooting in El, Paso, Texas, where it is suspected that the accused shooter had harbored anti-immigrant views, De Niro said he believed he did.

“Yeah. I think he does. And everyone is realizing that now, more and more,” the veteran actor said. “It’s so preposterous that the NRA has a grip on the Republicans. It’s all about money.”

‘They’re beyond shame. Those [gunmen] are crazy people, but they’re inspired by Trump and what he’s allowed,” he added. “It’s all subtle but it’s all there. He’s allowed it. He starts it. He encourages it.”

De Niro, one of Hollywood’s most high-profile and vocal Trump critics, has used a litany of profanities to describe the president, branding him a “motherfuck,” “jerk-off” and a “white supremacists.” This year, he rocketed to resistance folk-hero fame for his portrayed special counsel Robert Mueller on Saturday Night Live.

President Trump has returned fire at De Niro, calling him a “very Low IQ individual” while aboard Air Force One as he returned to the U.S. from Singapore in June.

“Robert De Niro, a very Low IQ individual, has received to (sic) many shots to the head by real boxers in movies. I watched him last night and truly believe he may be ‘punch-drunk.’ I guess he doesn’t realize the economy is the best it’s ever been with employment being at an all time high, and many companies pouring back into our country. Wake up Punchy!” the president tweeted of the actor.



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