Melania Trump Causes Liberal OUTRAGE For Doing THIS Simple Thing

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The left will literally bash anything she does…

First Lady Melania Trump visited a hospital in Boston Wednesday to promote a project where parents and volunteers hug children born addicted to controlled drugs, only to face scores of left-wing demonstrators “decrying the immigration stance and policies of her husband, President Donald Trump.”

About 200 protesters, claiming to be nurses, doctors, and “health care workers” from the Boston Medical Center where Trump met with representatives and observed the program held posters about “babies in cages” and called for an end to the “Trump-Pence regime.”

The demonstration claimed to be coordinated by “,” which is a program of ANSWER (“Act Now to Stop War and End Racism”), a group of international socialists and communists who have been opposing Republican presidencies ever since the early 2000s.

The cuddling program has gained tremendous success, helping babies born addicted to opioids and other controlled substances — a condition called Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome — handle the withdrawal process following birth. The First Lady has made programs such as these the cornerstone of her children’s health campaign and regularly visits the children living with difficult and fatal illnesses.

First Ladies are generally not the subject of demonstrations against the actions of their husband, but the rules have changed under the Trump Administration, however a few Trump family members — including the young son of the president, Barron, and his children and grandchildren — are still off limits.

Wednesday’s protest wasn’t the First Lady’s first protest, but it was easily the biggest one.

“She’s married to Donald Trump, and he is such a symbol of so much of what we stand against,” one protester explained.

Some demonstrators said they objected to the mere existence of Mrs. Trump at the hospital in Boston, where she could engage in photo opportunities that could scar some of the patients.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley also joined the demonstrators, adding that Trump was ignoring “the efforts of the incredible staff at BMC and health centers across the nation.”

Pressley did not elaborate on her comment, so it is not entirely clear how the “cruelty” of President Trump is really “undermining” health care workers’ actions (other than, of course, the usual complaints).

The hospital saw things differently. Upon hearing about the rally, the CEO of the Boston Medical Center, Kate Walsh said she planned on keeping the meeting with the First Lady and use her visit as an opportunity to show both the government and the Trump Administration how well Medicaid funds are being used.

“[T]he visit will be a unique opportunity to share our values of respect and inclusion with federal leaders whose policies have a significant impact on the vulnerable populations we are dedicated to serving,” Walsh said. “Two-thirds of our patients have some form of government insurance, and our health plan is the largest participant in the state’s Medicaid accountable care organization, so the opportunity to highlight the innovative work we are doing is critical to ensuring that we are able to continue to deliver on our mission well into the future.”

The First Lady was very gracious.

“Mrs. Trump enjoyed visiting Boston Medical Center to meet with the center’s leadership and medical staff and learn about the impressive programs available that support and provide care to mothers struggling with drug addiction and babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome,” her press secretary told the media.



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